Don’t Know (Original Single) By Kna-Lo Venge

Discover POP Don’t Know (Original Single) By Kna-Lo Venge
Kna-Lo Venge Don't Know (Original Single) Kna-Lo Venge Don't Know (Original Single)

Don't Know is a unique and rich pop music track that blends hip-hop with pop elements. Rich instrumentation coupled with rock-solid vocals and explicit lyrics creates a dynamic blend that adds attitude to any project. There is a lot of energy in this track. The track has a sophisticated and youthful sound with a strong hip-hop beat. It features catchy lyrics, a punchy drum rack, and a unique melody that combines elements of pop and hip hop.

      Listen & Follow: Don't Know feat. MIGS718 is a song about self discovery, determinant and grit. Facing the hard truths about life and figuring out how to deal with it. I'm an artist/producer from Queens NY living in California now. I have worked & toured with legends from Prince to the WU-TANG CLAN. And I've had songs & music licensed for movies & television.

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