Don’t forget about me (Original Album) By Soviet Dropout

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The talented producer Soviet Dropout, whose real name is Alexandra Naparstek, has recently released their gorgeous new album "don’t forget about me." Under the moniker of Soviet Dropout, Naparstek takes listeners on an enthralling journey through eleven emotionally stirring tracks that explore themes of grief, identity, experimentation, and family relationships.

The album opens with "drain," featuring tuneful electronic beats that gradually build the melody. The vocals have a pleasant, echoing quality as if being sung in an empty room. The title track, "don’t forget about me," has a much swifter tempo compared to the opener. The fast electronic beats are fun and energetic, then halfway through, the production shifts to a more ominous and bizarre style.

"residue" provides a striking contrast. This track incorporates more strings and presents the guitar in a mellow, chill vibe. Slowly, electronic beats are added to infuse the song with increasing momentum. "r3siDu3" has a dreamier atmosphere, allowing listeners to drift away into its melodies.

"wheredowecomefrom" features an arrangement with electronic keys propelling the track forward and synths adding vibrancy. "omniscient" has a lounge-like melody obscured beneath futuristic synths and beats. "no customers" could be the most Matrix-inspired song imaginable with its innovative beats, rhythm, and movement.

"woman, i" moves at an even quicker yet chilled pace. The deep vocals are utterly captivating. "left side brain" evokes a grander feeling than the other tracks. On this song, the piano keys seem to float through the listener.

"immigrant song" has an extremely mellow and soothing melody, making it refreshing and powerfully melodic. "so much more" finishes the album in a highly experimental fashion, but Naparstek’s vocal talent still shines through. It serves as an unconventional yet satisfying pop ending filled with surprises.

The songs delve into profound life questions and experiences, exploring themes of loss, identity, relationships, and new beginnings. With memorable beats and melodies coupled with poignant, echoing vocals, "don’t forget about me" is an album that lingers with the listener long after the final track concludes. Soviet Dropout is poised to capture the hearts and minds of darkwave electronic fans everywhere. Allow them to catch your heart by supporting them on their channels, and streaming their work.

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