Distopia (Original Album) by Distopia

HYPE Distopia (Original Album) by Distopia

This is one 90s rock album that'll blow you away with its hard core instruments and vocals, it will simply hit the sweat spot in your mind giving you a musical high. And this amazing album is "Distopia" (Original Album) by the masterful and talented Distopia.

"Distopia" (Original Album) is composed of eleven full length tracks making for a 35 minute listen that you where you will enjoy each and every single second of and even wish for more of. The talented Distopia is a three member band composed of Alex Silver on vocals and guitar, Jordan Coker on drums, Jason Robins on bass and Max Satow on guitar.

Based out of Westchester, New York, Distopia is one band that deserves all of the love and attention and recognition for their mesmerizing and deep music that'll take you to a different dimension with its ground breaking sounds. Each single on this album has a unique feel that merges effortlessly with the next in the album making for a seamless and perfect listen that'll most certainly entrance your very being.

Distopia (Original Album) by Distopia is on meaningful album that is a perfect listen for any occasion, whether on a long car ride, a casual listen with friends, or a solo listen, This is one album you will certainly enjoy.

So be sure to give "Distopia" (Original Album) by Distopia a listen, support Distopia and share their music for the world to hear as they are one band deserving of all the attention and recognition.

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