Dice (Original EP) by Dré Anthony

TOP BEST HITS Dice (Original EP) by Dré Anthony
Dice (Original EP) by Dré Anthony Dice (Original EP) by Dré Anthony

Dré Anthony Canadian hip hop artist singer and rapper has released a new legendary EP "Dice"  composed of 6 original singles that are an impeccable VIBE.

If you wanna chill out with your friends and feel like a powerful beast you must listen to this Ep it has a groovy punchy hip hop beat that will drive you insane with its beats and legendary lyrics.

Its not just that this is an amazing EP but that Dré Anthony is a powerful rapper with a great rapping style that will take him far in the industry, Dré Anthony has a sound unique to him but very pleasing and enjoyable for the ears.

You must give Dré Anthony and his newest Ep "Dice" a listen.

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