TOP BEST HITSDiamonds(Original Single) By Foe feat. Alina Valentina

July 9, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Diamonds(Original Single) By Foe  feat. Alina Valentina Diamonds(Original Single) By Foe feat. Alina Valentina

When it comes to the music, everything is different and so intense. Every note, melody, or beat drop can change your perspective and way of feeling and thinking. When you are happy, you listen to happy hits, or when you need more energy, you listen to energetic hip-hop or dance music with motivation. So this song is so particular from the passionate and dedicated artist who quit his job to create a natural diamond original song, starting from the dreamy intro to the expressive skilled guitar and original electronic melodies followed by the well-balanced and explicit lyrics. I loved the creative process after a long time of trying to perfect his production skills, and this one is an excellent achievement for indie artists like me. Give this one a good listen. You might be surprised.

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