⁤Chesire is a young Spanish DJ and producer whose passion for electronic music ignited at an early age. ⁤⁤Though she has just a year and a half of experience under her belt in the field of music production, Chesire has immediately made her mark through an uncompromising dedication to sound design and an insatiable hunger for new aural terrain. ⁤⁤Her singular artistic vision has been shaped by the dauntless electronics of influences like Dania Da Silva and 6ejou, leading Chesire to the pulse-quickening nexus of hypnotic and ferociously hard-hitting techno. ⁤

⁤With recent standout tracks like "Suicide Hell," Chesire's incendiary debut EP "Devil Poison" represents a bold manifesto; scorching the earth with her uncompromisingly abstract and unsettlingly immersive sound. ⁤

The EP's ignition sequence is the fittingly-titled "Ignition." A big bang of synthesis that captures the precise nanosecond that spark detonates the conflagration. Tectonic kick drums subduct continents of distortion as arpeggios streak skyward like tracer fire, delineating a war zone of attrition between order and entropy that the listener is unceremoniously airdropped into. Chesire's sound design acumen is on full display, conjuring hypnotic, industrial-grade timbres and percolating rhythmic interplay through adroit layering and processing.

⁤From this percussive upheaval arises "Fire Moon," a lightless vortex of swaying psytrance arcs and martial rhythms redolent of EDM. ⁤⁤Balancing the celestial and chromatic with consummate dynamism, its spectral melodies haunt the harmonic periphery like soaring eagles while its spiritual bell-like samples toll ominously. An inexorably onrushing force of nature, a portent of cosmic devastation. Chesire shines through the track's intricate arrangement and hypnotic, psychedelic synth wizardry.

⁤The tertiary "Insane Dreams" warrants its titular descriptor, a dizzying plunge into vaporous textural realms adrift in auxiliary percussion's protean pulsations. ⁤⁤Phantasmagoric in its transmogrifying timbres and liminal-suspended harmonic odyssey, it's a soporific vista of delirium that sublimates the conscious/unconscious dichotomy into an unrecognizable singularity. ⁤ A masterwork of entrancing, hallucinatory sound design that blurs the boundaries between organic and synthesized tonalities.

Fittingly serving as the EP's dread-inducing coup de grâce, "Suicide Hell" is a supermassive aural eschatology. Enpunctuated by tectonic impacts of elemental bass, it's a descent into a cosmic abattoir of reverberating harmonic demisemiquavers lacerating the waveshape under an omnipresent dirge siren. The purgatorial apex of Chesire's ordeal of psychotropic sound design pushes the plasticity of human perception to its outermost limits. An immaculately produced, multi-dimensional composition of otherworldly and viscerally physical sonic extremity.

⁤This is my first exposure to Chesire's work, and from hearing "Devil Poison," I was excited, and shocked by the delicate balance of light and shadow that she manipulates with such fierce accuracy. ⁤⁤Every song revealed a rich montage of industrial textures, psychedelia, and body-shocking rhythmic intensity that evoked a sense of the ancient and otherworldly.  

⁤⁤For those hungry for the entrenched periphery of heavyweight sound design, "Devil Poison" is available for you to check out on Spotify. ⁤

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