Development & Compromise by Chase Tremaine

JUST ROCK Development & Compromise by Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine is a rising artist in the Alt-Rock genre that has been present in the industry since 2019. With a gallery of two incredible albums encompassing over 20 songs you are surely never going to run out of content. Did we mention this artist is truly a one-man show? He's a multi-instrumentalist that records his own songs and plays all the instruments required by his music on his own. After over 15 years of playing instruments, Chase Tremaine is to be considered extremely talented with the guitar, drums, and bass, which are highly dominant in his music. Now that is what you call hard work and dedication.

Born in Dallas and based in Nashville, Chase Tremaine aims to go global. 'Development & Compromise' is his latest release, an Alt-Rock genre EP that describes the difficulties of working together as a team. the album features distinctive, rich & expressive vocals while the strong

melodic presence is tuneful and catchy. 

What I loved the most about the album, which features fifteen original full-length tracks, is the lyrics of the song repeats. "Work Together",'How are we going to work together, me and you, you and me'; makes us wonder who's giving our lovely artist a hard time lately. The song instruments running the magic behind this new release truly require some serious talent to handle, so make sure to listen carefully as the guitars go insane.

Amazingly, before starting his own gig, Chase Tremaine had a powerful presence with different bands through bands in Texas, and Tennessee.   still, till today perform gigs for fans through gift songs and other customized performances. Such interaction by artists with fans shows how significant success is for them. Chase does seem to be genuinely dedicated to his art.

Chase Tremaine is starting his road to stardom. With a modest social media presence that is rapidly growing and over 500 Spotify monthly listeners, this artist is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. The best part about his Spotify is that if you fell in love with his performance as we did, his gallery of songs will keep you entertained for hours.

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