Depression (Original Single) By Dax

Discover POP Depression (Original Single) By Dax

"Depression" by Dax is a song written for everyone who has ever experienced hardships, depression, or mental illness. The great Canadian musician has just released a new tune titled "Depression," which will touch everyone's heart and soul thanks to its poignant lyrics and groovy sounds.

The song, released on Oct 21 this year, already has almost 4 million views on youtube and 2.6 Million streams on Spotify!

An understated, melancholy of guitar riff ushers in the tune. The opening lyric of the song goes " I can’t find myself, I get lost inside my brain, I think I might need help, But I pushed all of them away" ,beautiful and menacing lyrics about the effects of sadness on a person who knows they need help to escape their thoughts but yet refuses to accept it. It's a lovely opening line that lets the listener know what to expect. When detailing what happened to him in the chorus, "I fight depression and I let it get the best of me, now there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to go look around its liquor bottles all on the floor" it becomes more in-depth, describing how he developed despair and how he was powerless to stop it, leading him to turn to alcohol as a coping technique. The wording and lyrical approach are lovely, depressing, and quite relatable. These words are incredibly genuine and accurate, and anyone going through a difficult time will be able to resonate with them. This is the beauty of being a good songwriter—connecting the audience to your lyrics.

Production-wise, the song is incredible. Period. From vocals to instrumental, everything blends so well together blessing us with this masterful song.

Dax explains that this song is about the struggles and the ups and downs that people everywhere experience, and how quitting alcohol was the inspiration behind it " Quitting alcohol rushed in new emotions that I think inspired this record. No longer drowning my thoughts forced me to deal with certain issues head on."

Many people will sense the sincerity of the words when listening to this amazing song. By giving his listeners the feeling that they are not alone and that everything will turn out well, it will undoubtedly aid many people who are suffering from depression. If you are someone who struggles with mental health issues, you could give this song a listen it will most certainly lift your spirits. Dax is a wonderful musician who deserves all appreciation for the music he is producing.

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