Denver (Original Album) By Royce DeZorzi

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Royce Dezorzi is a rising talented guitarist that is proving to be exceptionally talented and is rapidly growing within the instrumentalist’s musical space. The artist has been around for a while tuning and experimenting with his guitar skills before releasing his latest album release "Denver" which stands proof of the effect consistent work and dedication have on a person’s ability to provide exceptional content.

"Denver" is an album that inspired and helped out Royce while he fell ill for several months in 2022. The album composed of 14 songs tells his journey of healing from his illness while depicting his struggles and difficulties along the way. It can simply be said that as a guitarist, the album represents his purest expression of his feelings during his illness. Royce's talent lies in the ability to deliver guitar notes that feel familiar to listeners while remaining completely original and original. Royce even shared with us that some songs were improvised and recorded live at his house, but refused to share with us which songs specifically. We’d like to leave the space for you guys to try and pick out which songs you think were improvised by this talented guitarist.

Royce describes it as a soothing journey of solo acoustic guitar in a Folk/Americana style, and that is what "Denver" is all about.

So, if you’ve been remotely fascinated by guitars, have a love for instrumental performances, or are just looking to try something original, give Royce a shot and start streaming "Denver" as it’s been an incredibly fun and chill journey listening to his album. His songs do not invade your space and are perfectly suited for playing out in the background of your everyday routine to accompany you throughout your day. Start streaming the album on his Spotify account, which has over 250 monthly listeners.

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