DCxPC Live Vol. 8 Presents: Ann Beretta Live Like a Riot! (Original Album) By Ann Beretta

JUST ROCK DCxPC Live Vol. 8 Presents: Ann Beretta Live Like a Riot! (Original Album) By Ann Beretta

Blast from the past as one of the most influential punk rock bands of the United States during the 90s, Ann Bereta, is back to recover all their former glory. Ann Beretta has just dropped a stunning live acoustic album for all the fans out there titled "DCxPC Live Vol. 8 Presents: Ann Beretta Live Like a Riot!" featuring 10 original tracks and over 40 minutes of exquisite entertainment. So tune in as I share their story.

Ann Beretta's latest release serves as a reminder for anyone that has forgotten who is, featuring a beautiful masterpiece of live performances with harmonious guitars and drums accompanied by memorable tunes and compelling lyrics. Discover the legends of US 90s Punk Rock and witness how they’ve grown more exquisite over the years just like good wine. A single taste of their music is enough to hook you into the bottomless pit of endless entertainment available on their Spotify page.

For the first time, you’re in for a race against time with this album. This is because the band has incorporated a collection of 200 individually screen printed vinyl records signed by Rob Huddleston. These records grant access to a raffle of collector items by Ann Beretta picked at random. Be sure to act quickly for a chance to win. A chance to own collectible items for the diehard fans out there!!

A little walk down memory lane with Ann Beretta’s history, after 2003, the band struggled with new management and coordination that carried massive weight on their ability to connect and deliver quality music to their fans. In 2004 the band unofficially disbanded and played one series of gigs in 2008 at several festivals and regional shows. Come 2022, the revered band re-launched their music career with their new album "Rise" already out for you to experience so be sure to check it out!

The band’s been rebuilding their fan base after years of absence already massing over 1500 Instagram followers and 1750 monthly listeners. Be sure to check their latest release and experience their first album since their return "Rise", also share their music with your friends and check out their website at https://dcxpclive.com

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