day after dark By WISHPENNY


Have you ever experienced one of those days when the weather outside is gloomy and dark, but you're feeling cheery inside? That's the vibe I get from Wishpenny's new album, "day after dark." This Nashville duo, comprised of husband and wife Brian and Regina Russell, have crafted an album that's the musical equivalent of a cheery disposition on a not-so-sunny day.

Right off the bat, the title track’s toe-tapping tones take you to a summery state of mind. Upbeat acoustic guitars and Regina’s breezy vocals introduce a very wholesome feel. The addition of a lively brass section was the icing on the cake. There's no way you can listen without feeling a boost of good vibes.

The gentle charm of "glide and cover" pairs well with a relaxing sunset. Regina’s lyrics and Brian’s layered guitar craft an atmosphere both sunny and chilling. Things pick up rhythmically on "better than we found," Brian’s intricate picking steals the show. While energetic, its mellow mood fits right in. "close" maintains the album’s rootsy guitar-driven style, percussion keeping an energetic pulse beneath Regina’s soothing melodies.

Midway through, "not about love" slows the pace with a silky, introspective vibe. Acoustic textures take center stage, immersing the listener in tranquil emotion. Following is "escape velocity," where Brian’s delicate acoustic work sets a mood both relaxing and picturesque. My morning cup of coffee never tasted better than when listening to "step into the sun." The track perfectly captures that cozy, languid feeling of easing into a new day. And the album ends on a high note with the gorgeous, hopeful "believe." Brian and Regina remind us that even on cloudy days, sunshine is never too far out of reach, especially with their music on. Throughout, the Russells’ chemistry as singer-songwriters and spouses shines through in every subtle melodic thread they weave together.

While the music is unmistakably laid-back and "chill," there's an underlying sophistication in the songwriting, performances, and production. Exceptional production and poetic lyrics spread the shining vibes virtually effortlessly. This album’s warmth and charm make it the ideal way to while away an afternoon. Its gentle, dreamy Americana soundscape invites relaxation in even the busiest of minds. "Day After Dark" brightens the listener’s day. I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a stream.

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