Dance Like a Kitty – Cello and Piano (Original Single) By Jade Ashtangini

HYPE Dance Like a Kitty – Cello and Piano (Original Single) By Jade Ashtangini

Jade Ashtangini is a true Renaissance woman. The multi-talented artist possesses an abundance of creative skills, including music, yoga, photography, and more. Jade's primary aim is to utilize music and art to help people connect with themselves on a deeper spiritual level.

Jade's music is a unique blend of different styles, composing an incredibly calming and elegant sound that echoes with listeners. Her music is uplifting, and she is always eager to learn and explore new sounds and ideas. She has been formally trained since she was a young child, and her passion for music has only grown stronger with time.

One of Jade's most recent compositions, "Dance Like a Kitty (Cello and Piano)," is a masterpiece that showcases her exceptional talent. The instrumental piece features the gentle sounds of the piano and cello enlacing, creating a hauntingly gorgeous melody. Every note is thoughtfully crafted, and every moment is perfectly timed to elicit an emotional response from the listener.

The piece begins with the soft notes of the piano, reminiscent of the flutter of a butterfly's wings. The cello joins in, its deep, rich tones complementing the piano's lightness, charging a ravishing contrast.

The melody flows effortlessly, taking the listener on a journey of discovery, an exploration of the human experience, told through the universal language of music. The piano and cello dance around each other, each taking turns to lead and to follow.

As the song progresses, the emotions become more intense, the notes more urgent. The piano's tempo quickens, and the cello's vibrato grows stronger. It is as if the instruments are speaking directly to the listener, imploring them to feel, to tie them with the music on a deep level.

Jade's dedication to her craft and her commitment to using music and art to inspire people is truly enlivening. Her work reminds us of the beauty and wonder that exists in the world around us, and the power of art to heal, inspire and unite. Give Jade the love she deserves by following her on her socials, and of course, listen to this sensational piece "Dance Like a Kitty (Cello and Piano)," on your favorite streaming site.

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