Curse of a Tongue (Original Album) By Tryingtogetby

JUST ROCK Curse of a Tongue (Original Album) By Tryingtogetby

TryingToGetBy is one band that’s giving it everything to become the next best rock band. Classified as a "Punk Rock Nomad" genre, the band has been all over the United States, performing here and is about to get their name and their style out. Touring in over 20 states and performing over 200+ gigs, we wouldn’t be surprised if your heart about TryingToGetBy before at your local radio or local festivals.

Famous for their unique style, vocals, and noise; the band incorporates a beautiful combination of sounds to formulate the perfect punk rock beat. Explosive in energy, they are the perfect band to host festivals and events as they are guaranteed to get people up and jumping. With an official tour starting this November, Anton Filyayev on organ, Houston Herman on Bass, and Andy Milne on drums; your world will be flipped upside down so hold on tight for one tour you won’t be forgetting.

As an attempt of the band to prove that anything is possible in terms of music production, they’ve insisted on having this latest album "Curse Of A Tongue" produced using free tools available to every artist only and a mere $50 USD audio interface.

We were planning on describing this latest album ourselves but we’ve decided to go on with the words of the bank themselves in providing the details description of each song on "Curse Of A Tongue"

  1. Homeward Bound - Not fitting in with the world but doing stuff anyway

  2. Taught to Hate - How tradition and environment can lead to unnecessary hate that is normalized by perspective and perspective alone.

  3. Choices - I messed up a lot growing up but I learned from it

  4. Few Facts - Social Media uses its algorithm to divide people, raise hate and suspicion, and close your perspective bubble on the world.

  5. Blind - "lady justice is wrapped blind"

  6. Too Much - Growing up with anxiety

  7. In My Head - describing a panic attack and how the human mind is too powerful for its own good

  8. Earth - We trashed this planet

  9. Good People - Drugs and suicide have taken a lot of my friends, and they were some of the best people I'll ever know.

  10. America On Dope - A combination of media, politics, and disassociation lead to us being numb to things that should definitely be bothering us.

  11. Just Be - Take off the mask and be yourself

With over 1,100 Spotify monthly listeners, their social media presence remains humble; so what are you waiting for? Start streaming this latest album and let the beat explode through the roof and be sure to follow them on all their social media platforms to show the love and recognition they deserve.

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