ROKLAIM has been setting the hip-hop scene ablaze with his provoking lyrics and smooth-as-butter flow. This Namibian wordsmith has a way with words that grabs you by the collar and doesn't let go. Drawing inspiration from musical pioneers like Bob Marley to rap legends Tupac and Nas, PROKLAIM has built out his lane as a conscious emcee unafraid to tackle the real issues.

⁤His latest single, "CROWN," continues this tradition by exploring themes of empowerment and self-actualization. ⁤⁤Released independently, "CROWN" features PROKLAIM's characteristically versatile sound over a jazzy, sample-driven beat. ⁤⁤Warm brass instrumentation and a sliding bassline come together to create the idyllic backdrop for PROKLAIM to share his thoughts and musings. ⁤⁤His intense delivery and densely rhythmical makeup recall hip-hop giants like Nas. ⁤⁤But where those icons captured the harsh realities of the inner city, Proklaim focuses his lens on the trials and triumphs of life and music. ⁤⁤From challenging societal ills to championing the oppressed, he uses his art as a clarion call for positive change. ⁤

⁤"CROWN" is deeply rooted in this positive ethos. ⁤⁤With rapid-fire flows detailing the quest for the achievement of your goals, Proklaim positions himself not as the leader of a movement, but as a humble participant. ⁤⁤The song is about "seeking to transcend the obstacles that may come between a person and actualizing all that they are designed to be…emphasis being on "Designed" he explains intensely. ⁤ ⁤It's a surprisingly modest stance from an emcee who displays such staggering technical skills. ⁤⁤Yet this humility is the key to Proklaim's power. ⁤⁤He spits with the shimmering charisma of a rap virtuoso, but his motivations are purely focused on igniting social consciousness. ⁤⁤When he talks about how everyone struggles to reach their full potential, he helps the community instead of himself. ⁤

⁤Credit for the track's irresistible vibe goes largely to veteran beatsmith Wojtek Majewski, whose expertise shines through in every deft drum fill and melodic embellishment. ⁤⁤His melodious mix allows each element to shine through clearly. ⁤ ⁤"CROWN" is that rarest of rap songs that could still fill dancefloors. ⁤⁤Even those who don't connect with the deeper philosophical content would be hard-pressed not to nod their heads and sway their bodies to the track's infectious swing. ⁤
⁤This mainstream appeal is a showcase of his versatility in delivering real content. ⁤⁤Too often, hip-hop that aims for deeper meaning gets bogged down in self-serious pretension or academic theorizing. ⁤⁤But "CROWN" exemplifies how intelligent rap can still go hard with undeniable hooks and banging production. ⁤


⁤Ever since I first discovered PROKLAIM's music, he has continually impressed me with his talented musical talents. ⁤⁤While many artists lose their edge over time, PROKLAIM has stayed true to what real hip-hop is about. ⁤⁤I admire PROKLAIM's art very much. ⁤⁤He has never let me down since I became a fan. ⁤

With "CROWN," Proklaim proves himself a lyricist of the highest order, capable of delivering both sonic satisfaction and food for thought. ⁤⁤As his career continues to blossom, he seems poised to take his place among rap's vanguard thinkers and uncompromising truth-tellers. ⁤

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