CREATURES…Act III: JOPO (Original Album) by RPxSB

HIP HOP / RAP / R&B CREATURES…Act III: JOPO (Original Album) by RPxSB

Rock Plaid and Survive Bullshxt aka RPxSB have recently completed their marvelous trio of albums/ acts finishing with "CREATURES...Act III: JOPO" (Original Album) a hip hop and rap album with unique eccentric vibes. RPxSB is one duo that'll make it far and global with their talent and skill, not to mention their ability to be relatable and resonate with their listeners.

RPxSB also known as Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy have outdone themselves with this triple release that gives a consecutive story of events that all falls together to make a perfect and coherent experience. The albums start with "CREATURES...Act I: Things That Kill Me Inside" (original album) which starts the series of upcoming events, it's about when your friends, family, and personal problems consume you and your being to a state of anger and angst. The second album in the series is "CREATURES...Act II: Boar" that is basically the result of act I, its when you indulge in your vices and say f**k it, Nothing matters. The third and final album that ends the series of acts is RPxSB's latest release "CREATURES...Act III: JOPO" its what the duo explains as the aftermath to the aftermath, the come down if you will, when nothing still matters, yet everything does.

This album series is one of a kind, completing each other and setting a story everyone can relate to. I am in love with RPxSB, they have creative genius like never seen before, not to mention their amazing composition, vocal rap, and songwriting skills, they truly have all what it takes to reach the top.

You must check out RPxSB's music, you will never find anyone as creative and original as them, you must listen to this trio of acts together and as one to understand what the duo is trying to portray. And don't forget to support, share, and follow all their social media platforms to always remain up to date on all their latest news and releases.

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