Cosmic Echoes (Original Single) By John Leslie Hulcombe

TOP BEST HITS Cosmic Echoes (Original Single) By John Leslie Hulcombe

After the success that ‘Sanctuary’ generated, artist ‘John Leslie Hulcombe’ decided that his masterpiece deserves an instrumental and the results will leave you speechless. A beautiful mix between guitars, drums, piano, bass and pure talent has resulted in what can only be referred to as ‘Cosmic Echoes’.

The artist’s latest release ‘Cosmic Echoes’ is his first-ever instrumental has been the result of a collaboration of many masters performing their art to synergize in one single piece. The instrumental features Georgian choirs and strings along with guitar tunes played by the one and only Peter Koppes, ‘The Church’ previous guitar band member, a band voted to be one of the top 25 rock guitar bands in the world by Yard-Back Entertainment. Drums were played by Jackie James Barnes, Australia’s most sought-after percussionist and the piano has been covered by Angus Woodhead. Other contributors to this masterpiece were Fijan, Australian Soul Singer, and Andrea Kirwin, the composer.

Once all tunes have been successfully recorded they are sent to Jeffery Lackscheide in Chicago for mixing and mastering. The only problem we believe you will be having with this artist is that you will not be having enough off him. He rocks a modest library of 5 original songs that were able to generate over 240,000 streams on Spotify. With such a small number of songs and a massive number of streams, it is evident that this artist does not settle for anything mediocre and is not willing to release music that does not live up to the quality.

The art of John Leslie Hulcombe is already well recognized globally, with a powerful social media presence on Instagram of almost 2,000 followers and a rapidly rising Spotify number rocking nearly 8000 monthly listeners with over 240,000 streams. The sky seems to be the limit for this artist. So, give ‘Cosmic Echoes’ a go, and you’ll be listening to its original version ‘Sanctuary’ within minutes, and who knows, perhaps you’ll stream through his whole library while you are at it.

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