Let me tell you about this incredible album I've been obsessed with lately. It's called "Corner Eye" and it's the new album from Adam Araujo, who is behind the solo project DaeMarcus. What's cool is that Adam handles all the instrumentation himself - guitar, drums, keys, everything! Plus those killer vocals, of course.

I knew DaeMarcus had more of an indie sound from what I'd heard before, but "Corner Eye" has such an intimate, melodic vibe to it. Adam stripped things back and poured his heart into these songs. The album flows so nicely from start to finish.

It sets the perfect mood whether you want to really focus on the lyrics and melodies or just zone out.

We kick things off with "Immunity". Right away, you're immersed in this sweet acoustic guitar work and soothing percussion. It's not too fast or slow, just a nice ease in. Next is "In to View" which continues the chill vibe but with more melancholic tones creeping in. I love the layered vocals on the chorus of this one.

"Right Here" was one of the tracks that stood out to me. Adam incorporates some lush synth pads that give the song this dreamy, atmospheric feel. His vocals are delivered with such vulnerability too. Then "Clutch" slows things down again with its beautiful, brooding melody and gorgeously understated arrangement.

We start to pick things up again with "Wash". This one gets your head bobbing with the bouncier rhythm section and guitars. It's probably the most upbeat track but still retains that indie/folk spirit throughout.

One of my all-time favorites on here is "In Time," The textures and lighting-fast percussion transport you to another world. I imagine it being the soundtrack to some magical, glittering indie film scene.

"All of Me" slows the pace right back down with its wandering synth lines and heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics. Another epic is "Light My Way" - the shimmering guitar work paired with gorgeous multi-track vocals is just sublime. We get treated to something a little different with "My Stand", which has this grand, emotive ending as well.

And finally, "Here with You" ties a graceful bow to the whole album. It's a sweet, relieving closer that feels very hopeful. I always want to replay the full journey after that final note rings out.

It's rare to hear such a cohesive, moving solo album these days. Adam Araujo poured so much of his soul into every aspect of the recording. Give it a listen—I have a feeling it'll quickly become one of your new favorites too.

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