Cool (Original Video) By Mia Delamar

Discover POP Cool (Original Video) By Mia Delamar

The talented, most mesmerizing, and beautiful Mia Delamar has released her latest single "Cool" and it’s already dominated EVERYTHING, and I have expected nothing less from this prodigy. "Cool" has already harbored over 115,000 streams on Spotify and with this most recent music video premiere, I’m confidently expecting millions of streams in the months to come.

Mia’s an established natural artist from Conyers, Georgia known for her original creativity of Soulful-Pop and R&B music which she’s built her identity around. With an already successfully established fan base that has exponentially grown since the release of "Cool", she’s proving to be unstoppable. Mia’s talents developed at an early age, writing and singing ever since she was a child and today, at the young age of 23, Mia’s unmatched vocal capacity has already been recognized by many as she continuously improves her music delivery through every new release. Failing to disappoint, "Cool" has set the bar too high for anyone to dare and speak differently of her skills and talents.

The music video that has just been released for Mia’s hit single "Cool" really highlights the narrative of the story. The video is a heartfelt message by Mia to what seems to be her X-Boyfriend/lover that has crossed her over.

The video conveys a beautiful performance featuring her "boyfriend" that is suddenly trying everything to get back to her now that she’s become successful. The single's message is to stand by your significant other during their quest for success so that you may both benefit. With a fantastic way of communicating a real societal issue, the release should be experienced by everyone who streams "Cool" on Spotify or SoundCloud and plays it on Youtube.

With over 115,000 streams on Spotify, and the YouTube video live less than 3 weeks ago on September the 2nd, Mia is bound to have her career slingshot to global stardom. She’s talented, hardworking, professional, and stunning so get streaming, sharing, loving, and supporting your favorite rising artist Mia Delmar. You can learn all about her biography and future releases through her website at

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