Connected//Forgotten By BLACKCHORDS


It has been nine long years since Blackchords truly graced us with their unique brand of spellbinding alt-rock sound. Formed in Melbourne, the band quickly made a name for themselves with the release of their debut single and album. Their atmospheric style showcased the band's ability to craft intricate and deeply difficult, moving pieces of music. Songs from that debut were featured in numerous Australian television shows, helping to introduce Blackchords to a wider audience at home and abroad.

After touring extensively in Australia, Europe, and the UK—where they played esteemed festivals like Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City—the band returned home. They opened for rock legends Powderfinger before their grand Sidney Myer Music Bowl farewell performance. Their single "At World's End" received airplay on MTV UK and helped hold fans over during their quiet years. Throughout that time, their music found new life in sync with shows like Orange is the New Black, Teen Wolf, and Shameless. It seemed Blackchords had simply been busy writing and preparing for their next move behind the scenes.

Well, the wait is finally over for diehard Blackchords enthusiasts. The band made their comeback with the album "Connected//Forgotten." Across 10 tracks, this opus promises to take listeners on an emotionally cathartic journey. After going back from hiatus after so long, Blackchords have returned with an album truly worthy of the hype around its arrival.

Right from the angelic overture "More Than You May Ever Know," it's clear this is no ordinary record. Instrumentals that serenade the soul with intricate guitar melodies set the stage for what's to come. The hypnotic "Trawler" pops out next, it's driving bass the engine propelling the song forward. Vocals carry thoughtful meaning here, but it's musical elements that demand attention.

From there, the experience only deepens. "Mystified" weaves bewitching beats around a haunting essence, transforming into an utterly transporting pop tune. "Shadows" casts an indelible charm on its multifaceted origins. These songs feel very cohesive in displaying the band's singular sonic flair.

As the album unfurls, it maintains an immersive atmosphere. Standouts like the ethereal "Through The Windows" elicit profound emotions with a sense of expansive grandeur. Instrumentals are given a chance to breathe and color the world Blackchords have envisioned. Finally, the dénouement of "Wide Awake" washes tranquility over the listener. Carried by resplendent vocals, a deep serenity takes hold that remains long after the final notes fade.

After nearly a decade away, they've certainly delivered an album well worth the wait. Be sure to stream this transcendent record for yourself, and you can also connect with the band on social media to get the latest news.

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