Confessions by Candlelight (Original Single) By Tasha Blackmore

TOP BEST HITS Confessions by Candlelight (Original Single) By Tasha Blackmore

Tasha Blackmore is Nashville's next big thing. Hailing from Northumberland, this country-pop phenomenon blends the grit and twang of country with the catchy melodies of pop. Rarely does an artist arrive with as much talent, charisma, and determination as Tasha Blackmore.

With her new single "Confessions by Candlelight", Tasha transports you to a place of hushed familiarity, where her voice is your only companion. What makes this song country, is her vocal tone. Her vocal tone screams country, and has that deep, twangy tone that not many people possess. She sings with her heart and that is very evident, you could feel all her emotions and power from her vocals. Her vocals are a compelling contrast, at once voice-raisingly effusive and voice-loweringly sultry.

The production feels both vulnerable and formidable. Stripped down yet majestic, intimate yet powerful. A solemn piano and minor drumbeat create an atmosphere of intimacy, as if you've stumbled upon something private. Within this stripped-back soundscape, her vocals reign supreme, showcasing a blossoming talent and emotional depth.

I will be very honest with you, this is my first time checking Tasha out, but it took me one listen to fall in love completely with her craft. Her songwriting is poetic yet emotive, musically and lyrically intertwined to create a profoundly moving experience. I really enjoyed the song and had to repeat it multiple times. Tasha Blackmore has established herself as an artist to watch, combining country grit with pop melody and raw, soul-baring talent. "Confessions by Candlelight" is a striking release, and I for one cannot wait to hear where her music takes us next.

With her songwriting talent, fiery vocals, and mighty yet steady sound, Tasha Blackmore is set to captivate Nashville and beyond. Her music has an old soul quality to it, filled with poetic lyrics, melodies that stick with you, and a twangy tone that is perfect for her roots-infused style. This is only the beginning for an artist who aims to blend genres, rend the heart, and forge a style all her own. Country and pop have met their match in Tasha Blackmore.

Do not hesitate, immerse yourselves in "Confessions by Candlelight" and surrender to Tasha's talent by following her on her socials.

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