Comfort In Strangers By JORDAN POPKY

What melodies murmur behind painted doors in a corner of Brooklyn tonight? A trending artist’s latest release hints at her world within, swinging insights with fellow musicians into a glimpse worth exploring. That artist is Jordan Popky, a sincere songwriter who specializes in indie folk with soul. On “Comfort in Strangers,” Jordan invites us into the spaces she’s created with collaborators Paola Bennet, Trophy Wife, and Lorah.

She has a dedication to music that reflects her influencers like Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, Julien Baker, and Diet Cig. Jordan’s debut album, released under the title of “Sweet Degenerate” and produced by the talented Adam Tilzer, opened her to a whole new world of music and creation. It provided many insights into her thoughts and experiences. Take “Comfort In Strangers,” the new single from Jordan Popky for example, a song about fleeting love born from a chance encounter.

Jordan must have connected with something she witnessed in that chance encounter, for her to spin it into such an intimate love song. Listening to “Comfort in Strangers,” I can picture a young woman sitting alone with her guitar, eyes closed, as the melody and lyrics flow from some deeply felt place. With its tender production, the song is very warm. Jordan has gifted us all with a humble little song that soothes the soul. Jordan’s vocals alone are an instrument, clear, affectionate, and so completely captivating.

Her voice is rich with a lot of feelings inside, which cuts through the noise, and asks you to just focus on her story and words. “Sweet Degenerate” features an incredible lineup of talented artists, including Paola Bennet, Trophy Wife, and Lorah, each adding a unique sound to the song’s already rich sound. It’s a collaborative masterpiece, where individual talents converge to create something truly extraordinary. Despite not being large in production, it still makes an impact. It seems like you’re enjoying the warmth of a cozy setting from the front row of a small Brooklyn venue but with the stereo clarity of a top-notch recording studio. You are allowed to completely immerse yourself in the experience because every little detail—every breath, every little inflection, is preserved with exact understanding. Do yourself a favor and give Jordan Popky’s “Sweet Degenerate” a spin. This is a song that you for sure need to add to your playlist today. A cultural masterpiece that will connect with your soul no matter how much you listen to it. It’s an instant new fave for me.

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