Cold, Cold Heart (Original Single) By A.B. Violet

EDM / Dance Cold, Cold Heart (Original Single) By A.B. Violet

"Cold, Cold Heart" is the latest single from one of our favorite most talented artists. After the massive success, she’s had with "So Lonely", A.B Violet released another original song and we cannot wait to share it with the world."Cold, Cold Heart" is one catchy tune to enjoy that breaks down the real-life experience of a lover going cold on you. Lyrics inspired by true events paired with a flawless balance of instrumental and electronic harmony create a powerful atmosphere that engages listeners' emotions. A.B. Violet’s talent was key in establishing this connection between her and her audience. Through her memorable lyrical performance, she creates a connection that echoes in the mind of the listener even after the song ends.

The rising talent has already proved herself to be a competent and accomplished artist with her songs featuring on numerous musical platforms locally, including BBC Essex Introducing, Future Hits Radio, Unsigned with Matt Wherry across South End, Chelmsford, and Islington and European Indie Music Network. It is always heart-warming to see the world appreciate a gifted talent when they find one, and we could not be more excited to see what’s next for this artist.

As an original and highly talented artist, A.B Violet has been perfecting her music entirely by herself; mastering, recording, writing, and performing her songs, she does it all with success. It would be interesting to see the art produced by this artist if she had the funding and capacity to work with experts in the industry. We believe she’d easily produce immortal pieces.

Although she hasn't been around for that long, she has certainly been busy since 2021 developing music worthy of recognition.

Her presence on social media has been consistent with her Spotify listeners between 77 and 100 each month who are demonstrating their loyalty to the artist. She has already begun to establish a solid fan base. Visit her music page on Spotify and listen to some of it. Also, make sure to follow her on social media to give her the encouragement she needs to keep releasing new songs.

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