Close To The End (Original Single) By The Starkillers

HYPE Close To The End (Original Single) By The Starkillers

The Starkillers are back with their new pop-funk song "Close To The End," continuing their tradition of making music that makes us happy. You'll surely feel the heat when you listen to this energetic, really cool song.

The Starkillers are known for exclusively putting out quality music, and "Close To The End" is no exception. With really rich and fascinating instrumentals throughout and a completely new soundscape, the band will leave you wanting more. You are drawn in by the rhythm of the song, which begins with lush guitar strings and flawless drumming before getting better as more guitar is introduced to the pace. The guitar served as the song's foundation the entire time; it never stopped playing and was a constant presence.

The music features some extremely great synthesizers and harmonizing that will immediately grab your attention. The vocals are endearing and lovely; they sparkle with a high degree of passion and raw energy, and they are especially expressive when coupled with the lyrics of the song. The chorus, where he cries out "I couldn't really believe," is my favorite section, as it improves the song even more and shows off his excellent vocal range.

One of their finest songs, in my opinion, is this one. Anyone who hears it will be dancing for their lives; it has such a throwback feel, and the energy it exudes is magnificent and even nostalgic. You will most certainly loop this song several times and never grow tired of it because the production is immaculate from beginning to end.

Four people make up the band. Lead vocalist Jon Omen, Chris Panic on bass, Doc Taylor on drums, and Mike Fiedel on guitar. The band was formed in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2020. They have performed at several venues before, including The DLC at the Quarters Arcade Bar in the center of Salt Lake City, Utah, on September 22, 2022, and the Illuminate Festival on November 12th.

The title track "Close to the end," from their most recent album, can be found on Spotify. Be sure to follow The Starkillers to be informed about their newest releases.

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