City Lights (Original Album) By Sharl

TOP BEST HITS City Lights (Original Album) By Sharl

Sharl’s latest album "City Light" is a flawless expressive piece of emotional perfection. An album forged during the misery of the global pandemic’s lockdown. It was during that self-reflection period that Sharl tuned and perfected the album that beautifully breaks down her life’s journey.

Sharl’s been a long way since her semi-finals debut during the International Songwriting Competition. Since then, her talents have received both local and global recognition receiving features on blogs, and radio stations with even the likes of PunkHead and covering her work! "City Light" has to be regarded as a career-changing production; a masterpiece of pop culture that beautifully highlights Sharl’s angelic voice and the talents backing her productions from behind the scenes.

Sharl is by no means new to fame and glory, but it was her ambition to build herself alone that made her start fresh. Previously signed by a popular UK indie record label, she’s been regarded as a skilled and experienced singer and songwriter. A quick flash to today: Sharl’s already released "City Lights" and boy has she done well. From the dark and lonely days of those Melbourne lockdowns, her self-reflection has been the pillar on which her emotional depiction shines. A breathtaking performance that captivates listeners that flawlessly synergizes with all the rhythmic explosions that just make everything so perfect. Blast out this latest album and experience the limits of raw talent, dedication, and hours of endless hard work. Have your breath taken away by the incredible "City Lights".

Following the success of "I Fell In Love" from "City Lights", a music video directed in Canberra by the talented George Tsotsos has already gone public and the fans have already gone nuts over it, so be sure to check it out as you blast out songs from the album. "I Fell In Love" is one song that beautifully stands out from "City Lights" due to how stunning Sharl’s performance was during that song.

Join us as we cover Sharl through her music career and be sure to follow her on all her channels to be the first to know about all her upcoming releases, projects, and tours.

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