City EP (Original EP) By TEMPLE SOLAR

 City EP (Original EP) By TEMPLE SOLAR City EP (Original EP) By TEMPLE SOLAR

Temple solar is a  Chilean dark wave band, and in their newest EP release, they tried representing the picture of their capital city: Santiago, which is on the top of my favorite cities site.

The band members are "Carlos - Guitar Daniel - Vocals JJ Vallejo- Drums Alvaro- Guitar JC - Bass"

I believe that the journey through their EP can perfectly reflect their feelings when the night comes to their city of Santiago, in the last place of the world, Chile. The songs in their Ep perfectly emit that feeling. This album gives me alt-rock vibes that you can just chill to for days it is a timeless album with ups and downs and meaningful meanings that many people can relate to. The city is a fantastic album. It has the traits of a top-selling album. I hope everyone gives their album a listen because it's a fantastic experience...

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