Chase the Sun (Original Single) by Apaolo

Uncategorized Chase the Sun (Original Single) by Apaolo

Talented beyond measure, Apaolo, new on the scene releases his debut single that is going to take the world by storm. Chase the Sun (Original Single) is an alternative rock single with a hint of pop and a nostalgic vibe that is surely going to blow you away with its musical composition, magical vocals, and relatable lyrics.

Chase the Sun (Original Single) is a lively and inspiring single about the excitement of moving forward in life, the lyrics of this single are truly meaningful and capture what it is to be human, from uncertainty, and happiness. Apaolo has outdone himself on writing this single as it truly has something for everyone from the highs and the lows. Not to mention that his vocals mixed with the energetic melody of the single make a wonderful synergy of music perfect for casual listening, screaming on the top of your lungs during a breakdown, and even for a movie placement.

Apaolo not only is a talent but also a student of both modern pop production and old-school recording techniques, which gave him the tools and skills necessary to form this one of a kind track that he describes as an authentic rock and roll feel with a polished pop sheen, and I couldn't agree more as he definitely does capture that exact essence.

Apaolo is a brilliant artist and you must give his debut original single "Chase the Sun " a listen, you will not regret it. And don't forget to follow and like all his social media platforms to always be updated on his latest news and releases, because I'm sure you wont want to miss a minute of this genius at work.

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