CHANGE (Original Album) By John Puchiele Ensemble

HYPE CHANGE (Original Album) By John Puchiele Ensemble

Do you know how you want to sit down, unwind, and listen to some relaxing music after a hard day? Well, John Puchiele Ensemble has you covered with his soothing new album "Change," which will put you at peace. Over 40 minutes of calming sounds will undoubtedly help you forget about your long day at work. The album has elements of pattern-based sounds and musical ambient textures.

This album is so soothing that you'll feel as if you're floating in space. While the album is entirely instrumental, each piece has a distinct atmosphere, and despite the absence of vocals, you'll find yourself envisioning scenarios for the sound. Starting with the dreamy track "Burning Winds," a gentle instrumental sound that, once played, will make you feel as if all your unpleasant feelings have vanished.

The following tune, "Level Rise," is radically different; it's dark, heavy, and loud. Starting with a bang on the piano, the notes seem worried and sorrowful; you can tell this isn't going to be a cheerful track right away, I felt like this was a breakup track as if the musician was saying goodbye to a dear lover.

'An Alternate Green World' flashes and floats over your ears, never remaining still for more than a second, as though a bird was just set free. With your headphones on, this tune will take you on an eye-opening adventure. Simply sit down, close your eyes, and let your mind run wild with the erratic music. And I can't even begin to discuss "Stages: I. Before / II. Now / III. After," a dreamy gorgeous euphoric work of art; featuring horns, synthesizers, and quick piano playing while the beat alternates, this song would be ideal for a Disney soundtrack.

We continue with the very experimental tune "Time's Up," which sticks out from the rest of the album by utilizing very diverse experimental components and focusing mostly on drums. This one was made with a variety of drums and it gets better with each passing minute.

Have you watched the film Interstellar? Yes? Then you'd know what the soundtrack sounds like, and let me tell you, 'Ecology Adrift' was written specifically for it. I assumed I was watching a space movie the moment the song started playing. Our wonderful adventure ends with "Water Blue," a really melancholic track, as if the producer didn't want us to go so he composed this track.

I genuinely liked every piece on this album. They all took me on different journeys and gave me quite distinct feelings. It takes a really creative artist to create such art, which expresses feelings just through instruments without lyrics or vocals. Personally, I'll be listening to this album whenever I'm feeling low; don't miss out on the experience, and give "Change" a try to know what I'm talking about. Also, follow John Puchiele Ensemble on social media to stay up to date on all of his latest news and releases.

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