Change Locations By WORDPLAII


Wordplaii is delivering on his goal to "craft his first final releases" in 2023 with the fresh single "Change Locations." As an artist who took an extended hiatus, he wastes no time re-immersing listeners in his melodic style with this smooth new drop.

This track gently eases the listener in with atmospheric, easy instrumentation. Synth chords float above icy yet impactful percussion, creating a vibe that's the hip-hop equivalent of a balmy summer breeze. You can close your eyes and picture yourself comfortably planted in a beach chair as the track transports you somewhere far from worries or stress. Though the subject matter could stem from a period of instability, his delivery stays upbeat and present-focused rather than dwelling on the past. He seems to have emerged from his hiatus with a welcomed perspective and purpose.

On closer inspection, "Change Locations" unveils layers of intricacy within the variation. Its laidback rhythms paired with airy melodic tones make for extraordinarily easy listening, especially during these current months when slower tempos feel fitting. The percussion has an almost aquatic quality, like waves gently lapping at the shoreline. And while decidedly on the softer side volume-wise, the drums still pack low-end dynamism to keep the track moving. Wordplaii's protean delivery shape-shifts to mirror the elusive nature of change itself. In many ways, "Change Locations" feels like a breath of fresh air within Wordplaii's discography and today's hip-hop scene overall. Where many tracks in the genre rely on aggression, bravado, or heavily autotuned vocals, this single embraces a more mellow, soulful energy.

Wordplaii makes a resounding statement of re-emergence on "Change Locations." Promising diversity and evolution ahead, this auspicious sample whets appetites for more expansive musical journeys from a dexterous wordsmith operating on an expert level, perceptible yet unpredictable. Constantly shifting terrain keeps listeners raptly engaged, carried by cryptic currents that deepen with recurrent plays. All who appreciate artful exercises in quality delivered accessibly will find much to savor in Wordplaii's mystifying new journey of change. The musical evolution on display in Wordplaii's new track "Change Locations" makes it a must-stream on all platforms. I recommend checking it out on Spotify to fully appreciate its intricate layers and multifaceted complexity.

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