Cease and Desist (Original Album) By JellYCopter

HYPE Cease and Desist (Original Album) By JellYCopter

This is an album that you must hear. JellyCopter has returned on October 26th with their second full-length album, "Cease and Desist" that will have you bopping your head for days. A 10-track coherent complete album primarily influenced by vintage rock and country music, making it highly entertaining and funky.

Most of the songs on the album begin in a similar manner, the song starts with a guitar strum, which I like because it makes the album sound more cohesive. The album has catchy grooves, powerful lyrics, and incredible songwriting. The opener "Cease and Desist" has a very nostalgic feel to it, like a track from the early 2000s that would be used in one of those coming-of-age films. The riffs are very catchy, and the string arrangement, combined with the singer's voice, elevates the entire song to another level, making it an excellent opener. Similarly, "He's a Liar" begins in a similar fashion; with classic guitar riffs, but the style of the song is totally different, It has that country music twang, a very great arrangement, and emotional chords, and the vocals are to die for, the melancholy conclusion of the song is what makes this song the greatest for me.

The 5th track, "You Won’t Break My Heart Again" is another fun country-inspired track, with the lead vocalist using his low register, the song is sung beautifully with full emotions.

"Won't Make the Same Mistake Again," the album's closing track, is another personal favorite of mine. This tune is notably different from the others on the record; the band here focuses on the acoustic guitar and the singer's voice rather than the electric guitar. This is a 7-minute piece of wonderful vocals and gorgeous chords that will undoubtedly make you emotional.

The singing on the album is velvety and heartfelt. The songs are catchy and enjoyable, and Jellycopter did an excellent job of highlighting their lyricism. The production is flawless, and the instrumentals, particularly the drums and guitar, are stunning. When all of this is considered, I believe JellyCopter have created their finest piece of art yet.

This album has ten tracks of superb production that will undoubtedly make you groove. The Alt-Rock country-influenced new album should not be missed. To properly appreciate their music, you must listen to "Cease and Desist." Remember to follow JellyCopter on social media to stay updated on all of their latest news and releases.

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