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December 11, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Piotr Krępeć and Kris Górski have quickly become two of my favorite artists to put on while I'm relaxing at home. Their music has this calming, meditative vibe that just washes over me. When I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed, throwing their album "Impromptu Session 1" instantly lifts my mood.

The opener "Myst and light" sets such a nice tone. The gentle guitar notes just wrap you up in a comfortable hug. From there, each song builds on that peaceful energy in its way. "Flight of the Crane" adds these layered piano textures that remind me of sunrise. Just beautifully relaxing. "Within" goes a little deeper but holds onto that tranquil aura. What I love most is how the different instruments and melodies interact.

By the time "Barely" comes on with its hazy, glowing notes, I'm fully transported. It's the perfect music to zone out to and recharge. "Up north" showcases delicate wind chimes and melodic percussion. Their gentle textures swell and recede with the breeze. Beautiful instrumental solos float seamlessly above, carried by the wind.

"Musky" bubbles along like a brook in nature. Melodies flow easily yet smoothly over acoustic plucking. The constantly developing melodies dance around each other yet merge elegantly. "Waterdrops" brings shimmering guitar pads that fade in and out like the darkening sky at dusk. Hazy melodies wrap comfortably around each other, conveying the calm and comfort of the evening. Exquisite accents of keys and strings enhance the cozy twilight atmosphere. "Dancing Lights" features melodious motifs carried by a gentle wind. Warm tones on strings ebb and flow with effortless elegance, joined by a lightly trilling piano.

The closing "Dusk" shines with its serene glow. High-floating melodies drift aloft on whispers of strings, as accompaniment rhythm balances their airy beauty. It depicts a peaceful moonlit scene with its slowly dancing harmonies, bringing the listener to a calm and contemplative end.

All of the songs continue to transport the listener to more composed planes with their gorgeous melodic movements. Strings, piano, guitar, and other instruments blend gorgeously together, never overpowering but always enhancing each other. Complex melodies unfold gradually like the morning mist, keeping the ambiance comforting, and picturesque throughout. Thank you for taking this musical journey with me through the 16 tracks on this instrumental album. I encourage you to check out the full album online. Whether you stream it or download it, just find a quiet spot, get comfortable, and turn off all distractions.

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TOP BEST HITSSomething New By D’Z

December 11, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Growing up in the port city of Rotterdam, Hans-Peter de Zeeuw found his early interests lay elsewhere than the traditional careers many of his peers pursued. From a young age, there was an itch underneath his skin that longed to be scratched. At nine years old, Hans-Peter took his first drum lesson, and it was there, pounding away at his skin with passion and fervor, that he discovered his calling. This awakening would set him on a path much different than anyone expected.

Now known by his stage name "d'Z," Hans-Peter has spent years working on his craft. Through consistent dedication to perfecting his blend of old school rhythms with modern flavors, d'Z has carved out a name for himself on the global music scene. His latest single "Something New," released on December 1st, reflects on d'Z's journey while also looking forward to uncharted sonic territory. At just over six minutes, the track is ambitious in both its scope and its groove. With biting guitars, blaring brass, a pulsating bassline, and drums that command your feet to move, "Something New" seamlessly blends complex musicianship with addictive danceability. It's no wonder funk has endured for generations - within its short runtime, the track achieves the sort of musical euphoria that transports listeners of all stripes.

The song builds with slow-burning intensity. Wailing guitar chords set the scene while the brass section dances on the hook. Drums enter with a rolling backbeat, as keyboards shimmer with atmosphere. Layer by layer, elements are added until a funk volcano has erupted. Yet even in its most climactic moments, there is space – an openness that harkens back to jazz's improvisational roots. Each section flows effortlessly into the next as the six-minute runtime flies by. Extended instrumentals allow talents to shine without veering into self-indulgence.

While paying tribute to the masters who came before him, Hans-Peter de Zeeuw demonstrates in "Something New" that he still has room left to grow in his art. On this track, he reinvigorates tradition with a fresh perspective, proving that after all these years he remains as hungry to challenge himself as when he first picked up his instrument. For those on the hunt for sounds that feel at once nostalgic and new, "Something New" is a showcase of one artist's constant evolution of the soul. It serves as an invitation to embark on the next stage of d'Z's musical journey alongside him.

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December 11, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Music has always been an emotional outlet, allowing us to pour our innermost turmoil and complicated feelings into melodies and lyrics. With his newly released single "Stifled," singer-songwriter Ollie Twohill invites the listener deeply into his private struggles with mental health. Through the intimate and reflective words he's crafted alongside raw guitar notes plucked from the depths of his soul, Ollie bravely shares his experience of hitting rock bottom. In the sadness of severe depression, he knew only an all-consuming desire to end the anguish plaguing his mind. It's a topic still shrouded in stigma, yet more creatives are stepping bravely forward with their stories. By revealing their scars publicly, they help others feel less alone with theirs.

The track opens quietly, as if cautiously disturbing troubled thoughts. Gentle guitar strings whisper around you, building tension yet providing calm. Gradually the melody swells with color and energy, a release of burden courtesy of layered guitar layers. This flowering of sound allows Ollie's powerful emotion to carry through, his tender vocals joining palms up in vulnerability. His delivery draws you directly into his story, sitting with him in the darkness he once knew.

As the song unfolds, the electric guitars distort further, channeling the maelstrom swirling within Ollie. Even in its most bare moments, "Stifled" shines as a deeply composed work of raw artistry, the skillful crafting of musical offering solace to all who listen with open hands and hearts. Through Ollie's courage to witness his humanity, others feel less alone in theirs.

"Stifled" is a stunningly personal track that cuts through guarded facades to speak honestly about struggles shared by millions worldwide. By putting a human face and musical soul to such a prevalent crisis, Twohill performs an immeasurably valuable public service. He reminds listeners that none of us have to face mental health alone – there are always alternatives beyond the temptation to give up.

Stream "Stifled" on Spotify or your preferred music platform to experience the full emotional impact of Twohill's important message. Twohill leaves hope that even our darkest nights can lead to dawn if we keep fighting the good fight together. His message is simple yet soul-saving: you are not stifled, you are heard.

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December 11, 2023 by SAIIDZ

It was most pleasant to discover the newest song from Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions, titled "Sandy Beaches." The passionate fingers aroused such raw sentiment from the guitar. The drums pounded in time with my heartbeat. I closed my eyes and found my feet tapping along, fully immersed in the beating energy of the song. My head nodded as bluish licks and grittier riffs alternated, maintaining eagerness for each new musical idea, anticipating what novel sonic terrain they would cover.

What most thrilled me was noticing subtle instrumentation unnoticed before, like extra flourishes blending in the background or a change in tempo that heightened intensity. It was akin to hidden depths discovery in a close friend - new layers only enhancing the connection felt, as time spent together unveiled unexpected charms worthy of further exploration. What a masterful creation from these most talented musicians, who pour heart and soul into perfecting their art.

Gary and his bandmates always followed instincts, marching to the beat of their drum right from the start of their journey as musicians. While many bands felt safe sticking rigidly to pop punk or classic rock formulas that tested well with focus groups, Manic Emotions saw music as self-expression before all else, a medium to express intimate feelings too raw for words alone. Gary's open and daring spirit inspired others to color outside the lines of genre norms too, emboldening fellow artists to embrace unique visions unhindered by trends or commercial constraints. This willingness to take creative risks is what's enabled developing such a unique sound today - one blending multiple influences seamlessly like various ingredients expertly blended in a recipe to unleash unforeseen flavors.

"Sandy Beaches" demonstrates perfectly, merging the gritty soul of blues rock, the dreamy flow of psychedelia, and even some of the heavy intensity of alt-metal. Yet it flow together cohesively instead of clashing, showing their innate synergy born of long hours spent collaborating. Their fearlessness to experiment makes each new track a thrill to discover as its mysteries unravel play after play.

I urge you to check out the mesmerizing "Sandy Beaches." And predict I’ll be first in line to snatch up their next album, eager to experience wherever their sound takes you next and commend their tremendous talent. Their craft is elevated in a way soaring above genre boundaries to realms of raw, unflinching creativity that could only be the product of true artistic visionaries. Magic is what Gary Dranow and Manic Emotions continue to create album after album.

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December 4, 2023 by SAIIDZ

I was beyond excited when I heard that Gary Dranow was releasing a remixed version of his classic song "Destiny Road" this week. Getting to hear a fresh take on such a meaningful song is like getting a special gift. When I found out Klim Apalkov was involved, I knew we were in for something special.

Klim kept all the soul and feeling I loved from the original, but amped up the guitar in a way that just tickles my inner rocker. There's an edgier grit to the licks now, without losing any of their melody. It's like getting to relive the first time I heard the song, but with a thrill that only comes from hearing something familiar in a brand new light. Klim also takes over vocal duties, delivering Gary's lyrics with a rasp that brings even more emotion to the forefront. His voice has an authentic vintage quality that fits the blues rock theme perfectly.

What's truly amazing is that despite all the additions and changes, Klim manages to stay true to the heart and soul of Gary's composition. All the key elements that made the original so powerful—the lyrical storytelling, emotional guitar carry, and anthemic chorus—remain intact. At the same time, Klim injects new energy that gives the song a fresh burst of re-listenability. It's the ideal revamp that will get both long-time fans and new fans hooked.

The remix is driving and kinetic from start to finish. Apalkov layers on dense layers of punchy percussion that keep the energy at a constant peak. The ticking beat provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the tasteful guitar work, now elevated to shining prominence in the mix.

The good news is this is just the beginning—Apalkov will be fully remixing Dranow's entire Destiny Road album, with new versions of many fan favorites slated to drop weekly starting in January. On top of that, Dranow and collaborator Chris Zoupa have launched an elating new EDM project called Astralix, dropping their debut single this month. If this remix of "Destiny Road" is any indication, we're in for a real treat as these visionary artists push the boundaries of blues, rock, and dance music. Go give Gary Dranow's remix of "Destiny Road" a listen - it's primed to be your new favorite anthem.

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December 4, 2023 by SAIIDZ

JPRIZM is back at it again with another deep dive into some signature '80s synth wave sounds, so let's use our imagination for a minute and transport you back to 1984. You just pop in a fresh cassette to your ride's deck and hit play. The opening notes of "Analog Dreams" by JPRIZM start flooding through those speakers of yours.

Where do I even start describing this gem? Right off the bat, those chunky drums and synthy bassline grab you by the collar and don't let go. It's got that perfect balance of being hard enough to get your head bobbing, but not so heavy that it overwhelms the other elements. And those keys soar overhead, carrying you on a wave of pure '80s euphoria. It's the musical equivalent of flying down the highway with the windows down on a sunny afternoon.

The melody is quintessential JPRIZM - bright and buoyant but with an edge of longing underneath. It sweeps you up and urges you onwards, always seeking something just out of reach in the shimmering digital horizons. The rich textures he crafts through his layered instrumentation feel transportive. I can close my eyes and visualize cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway as the sun dips below the ocean, windows rolled down, and fingers tapping on the steering wheel. It's an achingly brilliant evocation of restless dreams and restless souls. I know if I first heard this track way back in the 80s, it would've become a personal anthem.

That signature JPRIZM flair kept the track fresh through countless repeat listens, too. Little flourishes like the chirpy synths or crystallized strings midway ingeniously avoid monotony. Every revisit reveals new hidden textures in the dense yet pristine production. It's a true sonic feast that rewards close examination as much as carefree driving. Four and a half minutes pass in the blink of an eye as you're swept away by a river of synths.

So, if I could hop in a time machine and throw on any cassette to vibe out to, "Analog Dreams" would for sure be the pick. Its dreamy yet driving qualities are timeless. It's a classic that will be electrifying listeners for generations to come.

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December 1, 2023 by SAIIDZ

They say good things come in pairs, and for electronic artist Double Triangle, that prophecy rings doubly true. The enigmatic producer just dropped a surprise two-song release titled 'Haberdashery / Brenda,' offering listeners an immersive listening experience through two thoughtfully crafted tracks.

Let's dive into 'Haberdashery' first. As the intro swells open like curtains on a new world, you can feel yourself slip away into a softly lit magic shop. Sparkling chimes and shimmering pads take you beyond the mundane, floating us amongst floating rows of curiosities and curios. There's a new-world enchantment to the melodies that wraps around the soul like a fine cozy sweater.

Like browsing a haberdashery, your attention is piqued but never rushed. Samples flit by mysteriously, snippets of conversation or shop noises, beckoning further exploration. By the halfway point, the atmosphere had fully enveloped the senses. The textures glitter, busy patches weave intricate patterns, yet the calm is never broken.

Our expedition now continues with "Brenda," a tribute to the artist’s grandmother. Right away we are struck by the track's relaxed yet poignant melodics. Ethereal synths carry haunting vocal snippets across atmospheric swells, imbuing the piece with a tinge of wistful longing. The rhythmic framework provides a grounding presence amidst gorgeous synth washes. It's supremely mellow - the perfect accompaniment to gazing out a window on a rainy day, lost in memories both beautiful and bittersweet.

It's a potent emotional feeling that brings to mind feelings of remembrance, change, and impermanence. Where "Haberdashery" transports the mind, "Brenda" gently lifts the soul. It's a moving piece of introspective electronic pop that leaves a lasting emotional resonance.

This is the kind of journey best experienced from start to finish without interruption. Spend some unbothered minutes slipping in and out of these generous soundscapes, soaking in their tranquil headspaces. Double Triangle has made two precise productions that feel perfectly calibrated for this exact moment of anxious modernity - a respite without escape, presence without pressure. His music restores harmony where there is often only noise.

With this double release, Double Triangle displays meticulous arrangements, exotic textures, and a profound ability to set a pensive and impactful mood. As always, our expedition with Double Triangle has been one of wonder, introspection, and joyful discovery. Make sure to stream "Haberdashery" and "Brenda" for yourselves to journey alongside this visionary artist.

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TOP BEST HITSI Don’t Want to Fall in Love By KRISTOPHER

December 1, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Kristopher Houck, known as KRISTOPHER, has blessed us with an emotionally candid new single titled "I Don't Want to Fall in Love". In his signature emotive style, KRISTOPHER lays bare his heart on his sleeves over a lush arrangement of synthesizers, guitars, and drums.

The track sees KRISTOPHER wrestling with the uncertainties and risks of opening himself up to a new romantic connection. Through his vulnerable vocals and lush melodies, one can't help but feel empathy for his desire to take a leap of faith into love's unknown road.

"I Don't Want to Fall in Love" is an orbiting blend of pop and acoustic influences. Very light strings entwined with atmospheric synths form the ethereal musical bed for KRISTOPHER's confessional lyrics. Layer by intricate layer, additional elements are skillfully unveiled. From subtle keyboard flourishes enriching the harmony to sweeping string arrangements swelling the mix. Nuanced percussion keeps a steady rhythmic pulse underneath. This gradual unfolding retains the listener's focus through repeated play, exposing more of the song's intricacies each time.

Vulnerability to lyrical expression comes naturally to Kristopher, whose years of honest songwriting and sophisticated pop styling have won him a devoted fan base. Yet on this single, he proves once more why his talents surpass the saturated landscape. A raw quality exists in his direct delivery, as if sharing intimate thoughts just with the audience. Musicality and production expertise still achieve mass appeal blended with accessibility.

As KRISTOPHER continues cultivating his blossoming career, "I Don't Want to Fall in Love" proves he still eagerly evolves while staying faithful to his strengths. For many fans, it was worth the wait to receive such an exquisitely crafted pop gem that feels timeless. KRISTOPHER will continue to stop listeners in their tracks with his emotional acuity, flawless vocals, and ability to make each new song feel as close to a secret shared between trusted friends. Fans would be remiss not to hit play on "I Don't Want to Fall in Love" today and immerse themselves in its vulnerable yet hopeful sentiments. One can't help but fall for KRISTOPHER's artistry a little more with each new listen.

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December 1, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Luke Tangerine is raising the bar with his deeply rich take on Synthwave. His tracks take you on multidimensional journeys beyond any one era, tapping into that awe and wonder we feel gazing at distant stars. Luke’s latest single "Abandoned CyberWorld" represents another leap forward in his creative progression.

Good synth washes establish a dystopian, yet dreamlike backdrop as arpeggiated sequences probe the edges of this song. You feel alone yet curiously drawn into exploring the ruins of some future civilization left for antiquity. Subtle melodic fragments and shifting textures add layers of mystery as the journey unfolds. Some complain that synth-wave retreads retro ground. And while Tangerine clearly loves the glow of '80s synthesizers, he pushes their capabilities to new frontiers. His tunes feel futuristic rather than nostalgic, imagining where synth music could head if unfettered by expectations. There's an otherworldly quality that awakens my sense of endless possibilities in electronic sound design.

I get totally lost in the atmospheric sounds Luke creates. It's like he's transmitted me to an abandoned city on a distant planet. The textures and modulated tones sweep all around, painting such a vivid picture in my mind. At the same time, there's a real sense of exploration as the melodies evolve almost organically throughout the track. It really grabs me and won't let go. I can understand why some say synth-wave relies too much on retro vibes, but to me, Tangerine succeeds in taking things to another level altogether.

Maybe that's why Tangerine's music crosses genre lines to reach more adventurous listeners. It speaks to anyone curious about the uncharted territories between melodious trance and cinematic soundtracks. His tracks inspire tranquil trips of wonder while rhythmic undercurrents keep the voyage propulsive. Whether drifting amid celestial nebulae or soaring over alien terrain, you feel enveloped in a saga of exploration.

So if you've had your fill of standard synthwave fare, I can't recommend Luke Tangerine enough. Stream "Abandoned CyberWorld", and you may find yourself transported beyond nostalgia into imagined worlds of limitless oral discovery. Tangerine's immersive soundscapes reveal new frontiers in retro-infused electronic composition we never knew existed. His one-of-a-kind visions are reshaping how we experience cinematic synth music for both heart and mind.

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November 30, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Sam Feinstein's new song "Hamster Wheel" perfectly captures the frustration many feel being stuck in an unfulfilling job just to afford basic living expenses. With an uplifting 80s-inspired synth-pop beat, it's easy to find yourself subconsciously bopping along even as the lyrics speak to the challenges of modern life.

The pulsing synth bassline that underlies the whole song sets an unrelenting pace that evokes the daily grind and perpetual motion of life on the hamster wheel, meanwhile, sparkling arpeggiated synths flutter above like cartoon birds, keeping the tone light and lifting the spirits.

As the verses unfold, Feinstein’s smooth vocals float above the synths with a relaxed deliverance that belies the song’s social commentary. His honeyed vocals are coated in just the right amount of sweetness to sound nostalgically vintage while maintaining crystal clarity. The song’s topic of feeling trapped in a dead-end job with little hope of escape from the wheel is sugarcoated in his upbeat melodies and blithe lyrics. It’s a masterclass in using positivity and melody to disseminate an important social issue in an approachable, digestible manner.

The chorus is like a wall of shimmering synth chords burst like fireworks as Feinstein’s pristine vocals soar to new heights. Each subsequent verse builds complex textures and greater sonic texture around Feinstein’s vocals. Throughout, the song maintains an infectious pop giddiness that elevates its social commentary into feel-good anthem territory. Despite addressing the real struggles of insecurity, imbalance, and stagnation, Feinstein expertly packages the message in delightfully rhythmic sonic wrapping paper.

From start to finish, "Hamster Wheel" puts on a masterful dance party that slyly educates and inspires. The song soundtracks the daily grind with a tune that lifts spirits and leaves the listener feeling motivated, not defeated. A song this anthemic just might help kickstart that much-needed change. So if you find yourself in need of a mid-day pick me up, or if you just want a catchy song that's impossible not to dance to, I can't recommend 'Hamster Wheel' enough. Give it a spin and let Sam’s lyrics fuel your spirits. You'll be singing and dancing along in no time, and maybe even feel inspired to make some positive changes.

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