Call Me (Cover Single) By Air-Ik

HYPE Call Me (Cover Single) By Air-Ik

With this head-banging new cover by Air-ik, all punk heads are in for a treat. Erik Dee Fullmer was inspired to cover Blondie's classic "Call Me" after seeing the new Showtime series American Gigolo.

When he heard the theme music, he interrupted himself differently in his brain. His creative imagination almost instantaneously produced a new, heavier tone to it. He created the cover in an hour, but with a grungier and more sensual tone to it.

The song is exactly what every goth wants to hear. It's dirty and full of powerful metal guitars. It's dark and unsettling, and it ticks all the boxes for a superb punk metal track.

Fullmer elevated the song to a new level, entirely personalizing it. Its thick and overpowering chorus note repeats in your brain, replicating the gloom and menacing atmosphere.

The vocals bring out the track's darkest, most melodic parts and distribute them around the soundscape; they just overlap flawlessly with the instrumentals. Everything is very slick from the start, and the sound quality allows listeners to hear one of the greatest metal covers you've ever experienced.

In a recent interview, he discussed what challenges he faced in the recording process; " Nothing too unusual happened during the process. But I did something a little unusual for the guitars on the chorus. I wanted them to sound big and nasty and slightly dysfunctional so I took the high E and B string out of tune just slightly so when I attack the chords you get this beautifully ugly effect. Also the middle part of the original song, Debbie Harry sings in French I believe and sings the ‘ooo-oo-ooo’ but I couldn’t sing that part to where it sounded good so I just did the melody on the guitar and made that section instrumental.

If you've never been a fan of punk or rock, this song will convert you. I've never been a fan of metal, but I made an exception for this song. It's so good that you won't be able to take a breath from beginning to end. People will undoubtedly become more familiar with Air-ik after hearing this cover.

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