Burning Under Water By UNDER DELUSION


Under Delusion has always stood out as a blast of fresh air. This alternative rock band composed of musicians well into their 30s brings passion, experience, and unfiltered emotion to their unmatched blend of rock, synth pop, and grunge.

Under Delusion wraps moody lyrics around textured instrumentals to create a simultaneously nostalgic yet forward-thinking sound. Drawing inspiration from bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Royal Blood, Highly Suspect, and Yonaka, Under Delusion is pushing genre boundaries with their eclectic mix of influences.

Their latest single "Burning Under Water" encapsulates the band's signature energy. Written in the wake of a near-death experience, the lyrical rawness of facing inner demons translates powerfully. The band actually explained how they penned the lyrics in minutes, lost them for years, and then rediscovered them at the flawless time to crystallize this song. The poignant words detailing the anguish of challenging times will echo universally with listeners.

The momentum on "Burning Under Water" grabs you immediately, drawing you into the surging instrumentals. The vocals shift from melancholic verses to a belting chorus, mirroring the turbulence of the lyrics.

While the song has an undeniably grungy, dark vibe, it remains melodically catchy. This balance of edginess and accessibility is a trademark of Under Delusion's ingenious brand of alt-rock. They deliver liberation you can rock out to, with insightful lyrics cutting through the gritty soundscapes. The warm yet aching vocals float over a sturdy groove laid down by the rhythm section, with beaming synth accents and gritty guitar leads adding layers of ambiance and emotion. The synth textures hold you rapt as the driving rhythm pulls you further under its spell.

With "Burning Under Water" burning up the alternative playlists, Under Delusion is poised to reach a wider audience. The song's universal themes of overcoming struggles through cleansing will strike a chord across all demographics.

Under Delusion represents the best in indie rock—authentic emotion, fearless genre-blending, and devotion to meaningful art. Their new single "Burning Under Water" crystallizes their one-of-a-kind sound. This band has earned their moment, so give their music a listen—you'll be glad you discovered your new favorite band. Other than streaming, make sure you also follow the band on their social pages to always stay connected.


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