Burn (Original Single) by Aldís Fjóla

TOP BEST HITSBurn (Original Single) by Aldís Fjóla

July 28, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Burn (Original Single) by Aldís Fjóla Burn (Original Single) by Aldís Fjóla

Burn (Original Single) by Aldís Fjóla should be the soundtrack that is playing when the main character of a movie realizes he is being played and wants to avenge and better himself. This single is a powerful Alternative rock/melodic metal that makes you feel as if you are capable of anything in the world, it ignites the fire within you to stand up to the people who have wronged you and fight for your rights. A breathtaking single. Aldís Fjóla has outdone and outperformed herself and others, I really don't know if there can ever be a rock single to best "Burn," as it is a unique single with deeply meaningful lyrics and a beat that puts you in a state of confidence and power. You must give this track a listen!

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