Built Me (duet version – Original Single) By Josh Tepper

JUST ROCK Built Me (duet version – Original Single) By Josh Tepper

From the very first note of the mesmerizing melodies of Josh Tepper's "Built Me (duet version)", it's clear that this song is something genuinely impressive, a stunning piece of art that has the capability to exhilarate you to another world entirely.

The soulful and emotive voices in "Built Me (duet version)" is breathtaking. With each note and lyric a sense of raw emotion and vulnerability makes it impossible to not to feel the energy in Josh and Madisyn's voices, making this one truly addicting single.

The luxuriant production is truly something to behold, with an R&B and pop feel that meld together perfectly to create a sound that is so crisp and fresh. The bass is warm and inviting, setting the foundation for the gentle strumming of the guitar and the lush beats of the drums. It's a sound that is simultaneously simple and complex, with each layer adding a new dimension to the music.

Josh and Madisyn's voices blend together like two puzzle pieces coming together to form a complete picture; it's a rare and special thing to find two voices that work together so seamlessly, each one elevating the other to new heights.

As I listen to "Built Me (duet version)," I find myself lost in the music, swept away by the passion that infuses every single note. The chorus is a particular standout, with its dynamic and passionate tones that are sure to get stuck in your head for hours, if not days. It's a chorus that is catchy, with a graceful vibe that is sure to make it a staple on your playlists for years to come.

It's no surprise, that this song has already garnered a whopping 100k streams on Spotify in just over a month. It's a testament to the sheer talent and brilliance Josh has as an artist. I implore you to check out "Josh Tepper - Built Me (duet version)," immediately. Follow this talented artist on his musical journey, and discover for yourself the power of this ravishing piece of art. Your ears will thank you.


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