I don't think I've heard a song quite like "Built Me" by Josh Tepper. From the moment that sweet melody kicked in, it had me hooked. The guitar lays down such a driving groove that gets your head nodding right away. But what gets me is how Tepper pairs those big melodies with some deeply vulnerable lyrics and vocals.

It's not often you find a song that can pump you up with its sound while also touching something emotional inside. But "Built Me" does it so well. The way Tepper's voice soars on the choruses, laying it all out there with raw emotion - it gives me chills every time.

The production is crystal clear too, not an instrument or vocal out of place. You can tell Josh put in the work to craft such a polished, well-rounded listen. It's the kind of single you want to hear dominating radio and playlists. Beyond just the brilliant sonics, "Built Me" is also very relatable. We've all gone through heartbreak before - those moments of remembrance and reflection after a relationship ends. The emotion in Tepper's voice as he sings about those old memories and coming to terms with the past, hit me right in the feels. I'm not the only one, as his Spotify listeners have skyrocketed since the song dropped.

Josh bravely shares his soul through his art, connecting with fans on a deeper level. Putting raw post-breakup feelings into words is cathartic, and through his music, thousands feel less alone in their experiences. Tepper has built a devoted following by courageously exploring emotionally vulnerable territories in his work. I can't wait to see the insights and perspectives his creativity will offer next.

During tough times, an uplifting song can truly lift your spirits. "Built Me" has comforted me these past months, its message of hope resonating each time I press repeat. The track never grows old. No doubt it will continue to touch lives for years to come. Streaming numbers have steadily climbed for months—it's easy to understand the song's appeal. Whether processing a breakup or seeking an anthem to embrace, I believe wholeheartedly that this 2022 hit will stand the test of time. Give it a listen on Spotify today.

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