JUST ROCKBreakthru Hardtimes (Original Single) By Derek Lee Goodreid

August 12, 2022 by saiidzeidan

This new single is an excellent bluesy classic rock anthem. The performance is impressive. The melodies are easy listening and catchy; you can like to compare them to the top-notch old and new bands in the same categories. In my personal opinion, there are no gray areas when listing to music. You can only like a specific track and add it to your playlists, put it on repeat, or just skip at the first 5 seconds.

Breakthru Hardtimes (Original Single) By Derek Lee Goodreid features rich lyrics with strong messages of all times. We all go through it every day. The song was inspired by a couple of hard years, including relationship breakdowns, unemployment, and health issues. The gritty yet tender blues ballad Breakthru Hardtimes was an epiphany for Derek.

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