Breakfast for Dinner (Original Single) By Valentin Riera

Discover POP Breakfast for Dinner (Original Single) By Valentin Riera

Great news for all indie-pop lovers out there, Valentin Riera just dropped his first song off his debut EP called "Breakfast for Dinner" and it should be added instantly to your playlists.

Valentin Riera is a singer-songwriter whose early influences came from big pop names like Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, and Charlie Puth. The french up-and-coming artist is currently continuing his studies at Laval University in Quebec, CANADA to study more about music; with genres like folk, rock, and more.

The song is very upbeat, and the production is incredibly fun. You could tell the producer was having great time while making it. Using very catchy drums and basslines, also flowing with a different electronic sound element like synths, particularly Valentin Riera was inspired by daft punk universe as he wanted to explore digital vocal effects like vocoder, autotune and talkbox.

And the lyrics are extremely relatable, talking about how you could feel the burnout after a long day of work, to the point you’ll feel stuck in an endless loop between getting up and going to work, something most of the world will be able to relate to and resonate with.

The first verse explains the feeling very well "The clock is ringing and it’s hurting in my head, sunset is flaring time to leave my bed, stayed up all night long got a lot of work to do, I feel a little down, I got trapped in a loop" MY favorite thing about this track are the lyrics, they speak to me as well as many others on a deep and personal level, as Valentin Riera tells the truth as it is.

You could tell how people are relating to this song by the success it's gaining, although it’s a freshly released single the song is nearing 2k streams on Spotify and almost 5.5k views on youtube! The track was also included in many playlists like UK Independent and Best World Music-Pop. The artist states that he spent nights making this song "I spent a lot of sleepless nights searching for inspiration I almost started to live backward, sleeping during the day and composing at night." We’re happy that his hard work is paying off.

The catchy beat and relatable lyrics will definitely put a smile on anybody’s face upon listening to the track. "Breakfast for Dinner" is a reminder that we all go through the same things in life, working hard, and feeling tired; all of these situations are very normal for us.

"Breakfast for Dinner" is the first single off his debut EP coming out in January, so make sure to follow him right now on his socials so you could be among the first people to listen to it.

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