BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two – Original EP) By Moon and Aries

HYPE BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two – Original EP) By Moon and Aries

The electronic pair Moon and Aries is made up of singer-songwriter Jordana Moon and producer and composer Tom Aries. The duo has recently been making waves in the music industry, having only made their debut this year and already garnering impressive numbers like 10k monthly Spotify listeners, over a thousand streams on certain songs, and one song that has almost a million streams. As a band that is still very new to the scene, they are here to showcase their abilities to us new listeners and fans. Three very splendid tracks are featured on their most recent album, "Break The Matrix (Episode Two)." This EP follows their prior EP "Break The Matrix (Episode One)," both of which are rapidly increasing in streaming popularity.

The EP's first track, "Codes And Circles," gives you a clear indication that this is an exquisite piece of art. The voices and melodies truly create a well-structured atmosphere and an elegant mood for us to explore. The voice, orchestration, and lyrics of "The Butterfly Effect" are all superbly executed. It's really a pleasure to listen to the lyrics. The music is excellent and makes good use of mixing and synthesizers that never stop playing. I really like the background instrumentals that have been created. The third song, "Rescued," also captures your attention right away with its dazzling melody, and the guitar work quickly follows suit. With this song, Moon and Aries create a musical vision with deep vocals and inventive synthesizers that go off in the background. But one thing that caught my attention the most is her vocals; I could gush over her voice for hours, since it has such a nice tone to it.

I don't know where to begin or how to completely describe my sentiments for Moon and Aries, who are absolutely exceptional artists. The voices are so calming and dripping in honey that they transport you to another realm. The work also has a 3D sense. The production is golden and sparkling with brilliance; it is beautifully collected from start to finish, and when all the pieces are combined, they provide a sound that will satisfy your musical needs till the end of the year.

As if it were your first time hearing music, you will genuinely get captivated with this EP. You will realize how much wonderful music has been missing from your life after giving this a try. Give "Break The Matrix (Episode Two)" a chance, I'm sure you'll be as enthralled as I was, and keep up with the pair on social media.


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