Break My Heart (Original Single) by TruckerBomb

JUST ROCK Break My Heart (Original Single) by TruckerBomb

TruckerBomb has released a long-awaited new original single "Break My Heart" an Americana track with a bit of rock interlaced with the country a combination that will drive you insane with its creativity and catchiness.

Truckerbomb is a revolutionary band, and even though Americana isn't popular in LA they will be thriving, because their music is one of a kind. "Break My Heart" is about one-sided love and how the artist would like to keep the one-sided love he never obtained alive rather than settle for a lesser one in real life, something a lot of people face in their life, including myself, at some point before finding my amazing fiancé.

The vocals on this single are mesmerizing and add flavor to the single with the deep and husky tone not to mention the masterful use of instruments in this track. TruckerBomb is a brilliant band that will make it far with their ambition and talent. You must give Break My Heart (Original Single) by TruckerBomb a listen

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