Boomer Vibe “Sessions” (Original Album) by William Sanford

HYPE Boomer Vibe “Sessions” (Original Album) by William Sanford

This is one unique and out-of-the-ordinary album, that will have you transported through space, time, and even dimensions on a magical trip like no other. Boomer Vibe "Sessions" (Original Album) is a 10 track album with each track infused with a specific type of mushroom ;) William Sanford has outdone himself in ways like no other in this masterful electronic trippy album.

The psychedelic album is quite different from what you've heard before having a unique vibe specific to William Sanford, as he's an influential artist and composer but he also has a fun side to him as well, as one of his previous releases was " Do the Buttcrack"  an extremely fun, catchy and ridiculous single that will surprisingly get caught in your head.

William Sanford is a creative mind that offers so much in his music. Boomer Vibe "Sessions" is a truly magnificent album with many tones interlaced with it. William Sanford is one artist that deserves support and recognition as he's not only musically talented but he's funny as well, one combination that is bound for success and glory.

When it comes to the singles in this album, I'd have to say they are all addicting giving off a dopamine boost that'll have you listening to the album on repeat to relive the high it offers. Even though I'm not a boomer but one of my favorite single's in this album is "Pluto Will Always Be a Planet in a Boomer's Heart", funny to mention, William Sanford isn't a Boomer either, but he tells us that when you're over 40 what's the difference.

Coming to the end of listening to this album you will stumble upon "Nag Champa" and all I can say its a bop and a slay, William has noted that its a meme-able single, I didn't get what he meant until I listened to it and it really shocked me, shattered me, and blew me away in the best ways imaginable to man. It definitely is one good feel song that'll bring a smile to your face with its unexpectedness.

You must give Boomer Vibe "Sessions" (Original Album) by William Sanford a listen, it's just one album that will take you on a magical trip across the universe. And don't forget to like and follow all his social media.

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