Blunt Blade (Original Album) by Blunt Blade

Blunt Blade the Winona based talented artist has released a new original album “Blunt Blade” composed of  11 original singles that will have your mind in a whirl wind. The album is an alternative rock album with electronic undertones and a splash of the 80s merged in there, it is a unique listen unlike anything you’ve heard before, and it will amaze you with its complex arrangements and harmonic beauty.

Blunt Blade is an extremely talented artist who worked on himself and his passion to reach where he is today, Blunt blade started playing the piano at the young age of 7, but why stop there he also learned to play the guitar by age 15 and decided to widen his musical talents when he learned the bass and drums by age 16. His musical journey goes as far as his memory does, he was always passionate about music and even started a cover band called chainsaw vendetta at age 16 where he was the lead singer and guitarist. Blunt Blade is a musician and artist at heart and his music shows us his passion and talent.

Blunt Blade (original album) by Blunt Blade is one of the most amazing alternative rock albums I’ve heard to date, Blunt Blade’s singles truly captivate you with his mesmerizing vocals and revolutionary use of instruments and their arrangement.

Blunt Blade was Inspired by the personal challenges in his life and his strong will to overcome them when writing and making his album which gives it a personal touch that makes it even more addicting. The album was recorded in Winona, MN, and produced by Aaron Ruppert at Sharpening Stone Records.

You must give Blunt Blade (Original Album) by Blunt Blade a listen it is a truly amazing album, that you will definitely love.

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