BLOODSKY (Original Album) By hangtime

HYPE BLOODSKY (Original Album) By hangtime

There are a lot of bops you're missing out on if you haven't heard about hangtime yet. But don't worry, the band recently released an album called "BLOODSKY" with 12 songs on it. This work is only a little glimpse inside the future of hangtime; if this is only the beginning, I'm really eager to learn more about hangtime's next releases.

This album's songs are all highly creative and never seem repetitive. "Insert Coin" has a strong outerspace sense like you're interacting with some aliens, while "Someone Else" still has that spacey, futuristic tone, but it has more lively arrangements and is less eerie than the opening.

With its intriguing arrangements and hip-hop in space atmosphere, "CO$tUS" is undoubtedly one of the album's greatest songs. The band keeps up the excellence on "Peter," with arrangements that tickle both sides of your brain with their left- and right-ear movements. The drums, keys, and autotuned vocals are superbly done, and the repetitive words "I said I'm Peter Pan" make it a blast to sing along to.

The instrumentation of "My Story," which leans more toward mainstream, vibrates throughout your body and prevents you from taking a break. The ninth song, "Unholye," takes you on a frantic guitar journey. It takes a little while for the guitar to start playing, but once it does, you know you're in for the craziest ride of your life. "Börek" must become a club smash; it will make your body shake and dance erratically. And "Milky Way," the album's final tune, returns us to the opening track's unsettling future vibe.

You won't be able to shake the album's hypnotic hold on you; it will engulf you from beginning to end. It's a never-ending otherworldly experience, and every tune will astound you with how brilliantly it was produced. I always listen to a lot of music by the top artists, but even they couldn't create anything this beautiful and full of life.

This album has the potential to change the course of musical history. Since everything is so intricately entwined, I really could not select one aspect and ignore the other, it was impossible to choose what is the best element about it. I'm super excited to hear more from hangtime, in all honesty, the music may be a cure-all for many of us. Don't forget to listen to "BLOODSKY" on any streaming service and to keep up with the band on social media.

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