Bliss (Original EP) By SLECTRIC


Step into the futuristic world of up-and-coming electronic pop artist Slectric, where nostalgic video game beats collide with 80s synth pop, modern electronic dance music, and orchestral arrangements on the latest album "Bliss".

"Bliss" transports listeners to a retro-futuristic paradise, fusing classic arcade game sound effects and synth lines with immense bass, sweeping strings, and Slectric's signature style.

The album launches with "No More Games", an exhilarating call to get up and dance. The track boots up before launching into a fully-bouncing 80s synth extravaganza. he bassline is out of this world, popping and weaving around the melody and punctuating each chorus.

"Bliss" slows things down while keeping the lush electronic textures. The tempo is more chill, more on the down-tempo side. The wide-open space of the arrangement creates a weightless, dreamlike atmosphere, promising the titular bliss that awaits us if we open our minds and souls.

"The Way I Hoped" picks the energy back up with insanely well-made 80s synths and keys that are so retro and funky you can't help but bounce to the beat. Neon arpeggios and rich pads lay the foundation, while the track's main attraction - the guitar line - adds the glue, its funky notes connecting each section and getting you into the groove.

"Born Again" brings us to the present day with a club-ready jam rooted in contemporary EDM synths yet still drenched in nostalgia. You get the feeling as if you've been transported right away to a club where the night never stops - where self-discovery and rebirth await under the strobes. "Heroes" offers a more contemplative comedown. It's another chill track but with an anthemic undercurrent.

"This Is The Day" brings the album's energy levels back up for a triumphant finish. It centers around an upbeat rock guitar riff that drives the track forward. The track feels like waking up re-energized, ready to take on the world. The fantastic beats give one last hit of infectious funkiness before the album clicks to a close, leaving us feeling uplifted and motivated.

"Bliss" has something for every listener, whether you crave thumping club heaters, chilled-out synth soundscapes, or nostalgic funk. Through it all, Slectric's masterful production ties the whole album together into a cohesive artistic statement.

So stop reading, put your headphones in, and immerse yourself in Slectric's world. Experience the thrill of "No More Games", get lost in the title track's blissful reverie, bounce to "The Way I Hoped", find rebirth on the dancefloor in "Born Again", reflect on your own heroes as you float through their homage, and seize the day with the album's jubilant finale.

No matter how you choose to listen, one certainty remains - "Bliss" is an album you'll want to return to over and over as you play games, move to the beat, unwind and live your life to the max. It's a nostalgic electronic dream you won't want to wake up from anytime soon. Make sure you stream it, and follow Slectric to always stay updated.

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