Birds of Paradise (Original Album) By Melissa Jones

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Melissa Jones, a budding rnb/neo-soul/jazz vocalist and songwriter based in Brooklyn, has recently unleashed her debut full-length album, "Birds of Paradise". The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter wows from the very start with "Make it last", a soulful and jazzy opener. Warm bass lines and smooth melodies provide the backdrop for Melissa's breathy vocals that glide effortlessly over the beat. The retro R&B influences transport the listener back in time while feeling fresh and contemporary.

On "Without You", Melissa's nuanced vocal performance and vast range shine through as she sings her lyrics. The deep bassline and '80s-style synth accents create an atmosphere that Melissa brings to life with her gorgeously supple and strong voice.

The mood lifts higher with the infectious "Mood Booster". Synth riffs twist above an iconic beat, creating an uplifting backdrop for Melissa's delivery full of effortless charm.

"Real One" is a dancefloor-ready slice of soul-pop with perfectly calibrated stripped-down instrumentation that allows Melissa's stunning vocals to take center stage. Bright synths and a bouncy bassline invite movement, while Melissa's robust yet silky vocals stay grounded in R&B and soul.

Gliding strings, rhythmic flashes, and warm beats accompany Melissa's deep runs and riffs on "Take a chance on me", showcasing her impressive range and expression. The organic instrumentation and retro R&B influences give the track a vintage yet fresh feeling.

The tempo kicks up on "Right by me" with an upbeat dance beat, catchy bangs, prominent percussions, and driving bassline that elevate Melissa's spirited yet controlled delivery.

"I don't mind" begins with deep synths and beats that create an old-school atmosphere. As Melissa's enchanting vocals float above, synth riffs and guitar accents are sprinkled in, giving the track an otherworldly yet soulful vibe that distinguishes it on the album.

The album closes on the contemplative yet powerful "Unravel". An atmospheric guitar figure backed by a shuffling beat introduces Melissa's deeper yet raw vocals. The skillful blend of rock and soul ensures the album ends on a dramatic high note, an exclamation point on Melissa's gorgeous debut.

Over the course of "Birds of Paradise", Melissa Jones proves herself a vocalist of immense range, feeling, and soulfulness. Her debut album heralds the arrival of an R&B talent ready to carry the genre into its next chapter. "Birds of Paradise" is a soulful and jazzy album well worth streaming on Spotify. Be sure to follow Melissa Jones on social media to keep up with her soaring journey into the realm of neo-soul.

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