Birds Aren’t Real (Original Album) By SHAVEN PRIMATES

TOP BEST HITS Birds Aren’t Real (Original Album) By SHAVEN PRIMATES

Gifted synth-rockers Shaven Primates fuse post-punk aggression with widescreen gloom on their latest album, "Birds Aren't Real." The inventive five-piece’s sound contains elements of dark wave, art-rock, and proto-punk held together by roiling bass, noise-drenched guitars, and haunting synths that oscillate between grit and cinematic magnificence.

The album launches with "Fade Away," a striking track that establishes the tone for the rest. Shimmering guitar lines dance with a raw, raspy vocal delivery that tells a compelling story. The sound is heavy with feeling, like gloomy rays of light peeking through storm clouds. "A Decision" is a more chill anthem that highlights the band's melodic strengths. Churning bass and restrained drums propel gentle guitar strums and crooned vocals that build an emotional chorus. Things pick up with "Silicon Implants," a faster track full of post-punk energy. Shredding distorted guitar riffs batter the listener while the drums pound greatly. Yet the song never loses melodic focus, as atmospheric synth lines float exceeding the sonic chaos. This track strikes the perfect balance between musical exactitude and punk rebellion.

"Unmasked" brings things back down with jangling guitars and low vocals wrapped in beauty and echo. The dynamic shift from subdued verses to the explosive solo showcases the full range of the band's vision. The album ends on a high note with "Birds Aren't Real." Propulsive bass and drums drive the song, while ghostly synths hint at grandeur beyond. This resilient conclusion epitomizes the fun yet melancholy spirit at the heart of Shaven Primates' sound.

On "Birds Aren't Real," Shaven Primates prove they are more than just another woeful synth-rock act. They imbue their brooding sound with emotional nuance, musical precision and a sense of perseverance even in the face of tragic realities. Songs that begin in darkness consistently find their way to moments of beauty, grace, and triumph. It's an emphatic artistic statement from an enigmatic group well worth paying attention to.

To hear more of their atmospheric yet emotive take on synth-rock, follow the band on social media and keep an eye out for future releases. In the meantime, stream and support the full "Birds Aren't Real" album on platforms like Spotify to fuel further creative growth from this band.

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