Beware Wolves Volume 9 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

HYPE Beware Wolves Volume 9 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

With "Beware Wolves Volume 9," the series of Beware Wolves albums has come to an end. Throughout this musical journey, Beware Wolves demonstrated to us what it's like to write and perform songs in a very authentic way; the Cape Cod performer truly gave us an insight into his creative mind. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss these songs with you guys.

The exquisite "Torrey Pine" opens the album; this track's lyrics and melody are incredibly smooth, and the acoustic guitar strumming gives it a soulful quality. This opening is stunning; it is endearing in its simplicity and engrosses you in the music. One aspect of this album that I particularly loved is his vocal tone and how easily he can shift pitches, and this song is a great illustration of this vocal skill. "Trouble Me More" is more on the lighthearted side; the vocal delivery has a really entertaining way of delivering the words. The next song, "US Mail," is slower and more poetic. In this song, he uses his lyrical skills to convey a narrative through the mail and turn it into a full story, combining ravishing genius composition and storytelling. The tune is pure and more laid-back; the vocals truly set a lovely atmosphere in the background, they're clear and so vibrant, I couldn't get enough of his voice on this one. "Unforgiven One" is another song that displays his great songwriting skills. The fifth song, "Unidentified," contains extremely deep vocals that will make you and your heart melt.

I was left wanting more after listening to "Want You More," which features satisfying vocal harmonies throughout that make the song stand out significantly on the record. The song "Water & Stone" shocked me; it features energetic guitar playing and really great instrumentals throughout the track, as well as joyful and twangy vocals. This is undoubtedly another song that stands out not just on this volume but on all the previous volumes as well. With the delightful acoustics and vocal harmonies in "Whiskey Dreams," we take the rhythm down one more. The volume's final track, "Wicked Love," is charming and appealing with even more attractive lyrics. I really liked the vocal style he used on this track.

I'm sorry to see that the volumes have come to an end; it was a magnificent musical trip. It was a pleasure to discuss these volumes with you, and I am certain that you guys, like me, found these tracks to be pleasing, and we cant wait for more blessings from the one and only magnificent Beware Wolves.

Don't forget to give Beware Wolves some love by listening to "Beware Wolves Volume 9" on streaming platforms. You can also keep up with all the newest releases by following Beware Wolves on social media. I have no doubt that he will give us more mind blowing releases in 2023.

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