Beware Wolves Volume 7 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

I continue to be astounded by how each Beware Wolves Volume provides top-notch tracks without sounding or seeming repetitive. The album “Beware Wolves Vol. 7” shocked me the most with its unique songs, excellent production, and very honest delivery. Beware Wolves’ musical and lyrical brilliance is further demonstrated in this volume.

The moving song “Runaway” serves as the album’s opening tune, and it’s a treat to listen to since you can hear all the heartfelt emotions he’s experiencing. The guitar in “Sad Girl” is more lively, yet the lyrics are hidden beneath these happy chords and with the stunning and moving vocal performance, out of all the volumes, his vocal performance is among the greatest on this track.

Slower, more akin to an acoustic ballad, is “Sail Away”, beautiful words are paired with a clear, raw voice. Talking about leaving this place and sailing to a location where no one would ever find him. The fourth song, “Same Way, You know,” is highly joyful, feels intimate, and quickly makes you happy. This is one of those songs that, most likely due to his singing, makes you feel warm and cozy inside like a lengthy embrace.

The centerpiece of this record, “Signal,” has harmonies, lovely chords, and yet another expressive vocal performance. Beware Wolves has a gift for making his vocals seem heart-wrenching. Objectively speaking, “Sirens” is maybe the greatest tune on the album. It has a country tinge to it that’s lively and very smooth.

One of the record’s most versatile songs is “Something Worthwhile” with drums, electric guitars, acoustic chords, and other minor instrumentals are all used in this tune. This one is very joyous and makes you quickly smile from ear to ear; it feels like a breath of fresh air.

You’ll absolutely fall in love with “Song De Jour” and its lovely storytelling. The opening line of the song, “I’m writing this to tell you I love you,” establishes the tone and the vocals are amorous. While “Still Horses” is a simple track, something about its simplicity calms you and draws your attention, making it the ideal way to close the album.

Beware Wolves has a talent that, in all honesty, few other creators in the field possess. He consistently outperforms himself, which is remarkable. This collection truly surpassed all expectations; it’s not just the greatest in the entire record, in my opinion—but also one of the best recordings I’ve heard all year.

I’m sure you’ve learned by now that you should listen to Beware Wolves. Check out volume 7 and the previous volumes on Spotify if you haven’t already. And to remain up to date with his new songs, follow the one man band on social media.

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