Beware Wolves Volume 6 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

HYPE Beware Wolves Volume 6 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

I'm back with Beware Wolves, and this time we've reached "Beware Wolves Vol. 6" . As you are already aware, there are nine tracks total on the album, each of which has a unique sound. It's really amazing how Beware Wolves can write everything that's on his mind right away. I would love to take a dip in his creative mind.

"New World" is the first song, and it is raw and dramatic with only guitar and voices. It's pleasant to listen to, and the vocalist effectively conveys his feelings.

The vocal harmonies on "Not that strong" are excellent, and the song is peppy with more upbeat notes overall. With slow chords this time, "Note to Self" completely changes the pace. The fourth song, "Only One," is a love ballad with an incredibly fun guitar and vocal flow.

The single with the intriguing title "Phenom-Anom" is undoubtedly a phenomenon; it's quick, sassy, and amusing and never stops, It moves quickly and is enjoyable. The country song "Rabbit Run" has a really old-fashioned, western feel; this track is my personal favorite out of all the volumes, The lines are delivered quickly, and the song is extremely enjoyable to sing along to.

With its ballad-like atmosphere, "Radio" floats through your body like the sea. From the first to the final second, "Rather Be Fishing" has incredible production that ranks among the top 5 tracks on the whole project. It is further enhanced by some excellent background voices that have been added.

The ninth track, "Round Again," also has some lovely textures added, such as the sound of waves in the first minute. These minor touches give the piece more personality, and the guitar playing is just wonderful.

Certainly the best volume to date in terms of production. It seems extremely full, and in all honesty, out of all the volumes I've reviewed, this one has to be the most creative as there were background melodies included here and there adding more character to the album. The storylines were interesting lyrically, and the singing was clear and sharp.

Beware Wolves consistently shows off his incredible creativity with each new volume. He is here to bring changes in the music business, and he is doing so in really original ways. Like, how many musicians have written and recorded everything that has ever come to them, and then released nine volumes of these songs? I can't wait to hear more from Beware Wolves; he's a force and is now on fire. Along with the earlier volumes, be sure to listen to Volume 6. Additionally, follow Beware Wolves on all of his social media platforms.

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