Beware Wolves Volume 5 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

HYPE Beware Wolves Volume 5 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

I think by now Beware Wolves doesn’t need an introduction, the talented artist is our friend at this point. Let’s dive right into Volume Five with "Beware Wolves Volume 5".The first tune, "Little Voice," establishes the mood for the entire song with its chord structure. With the lovely vocal tone of our vocalist, it never falters and keeps moving forward. It is calm, warm, and cozy."Long Run" talks about lost love, with lyrics going, "I thought this love was a strong one / we were in it for the long run / now it seems that we come to the end / oh I need a friend" The vocal delivery, just like the words are mesmerizing, and one aspect about him that I like is his ability to express such feelings via his songs.The song "Long shot in the dark" is centered on his guitar and vocals, but the acoustic guitar playing is magnificent and faultless. It has more energetic acoustic playing and really raw vocals that you can vividly hear.

The fourth song, "Lucky One," has deep chords and vocals that are reminiscent of country music. The song "Me for You," which has a repetitive guitar riff and an intriguing chord, is the album's centerpiece. The harmonizing in this song boosts the album's vitality. The quick guitar chords in "Me Riddles You" stand out more just like the sweet song's vocals and lyrics. Beware Wolves has incredible guitar mastery, and his fingers create art on these chords.

The next tune is "Medicine Man," which has absolutely excellent guitar work and an even more exquisite voice performance. It dominates the entire scene and is vibrant. Like the lyric "I'm the medicine man, I make it better honey," even the words are witty. I believe the strongest vocal track on the album is "Miles," which has excellent vocal harmonies. The song "Mira" is the perfect way to close this volume; it has a strong, love message and describes how the singer just wants to spend time chatting with this girl named Mira.

Check out Beware Wolves and be sure to listen to his previous volumes as well. Visit Spotify to listen to this album and the rest of his work, and don't forget to follow Beware Wolves on social media to remain up to date on all of his latest news and releases.

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