Beware Wolves Volume 4 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

HYPE Beware Wolves Volume 4 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

It’s always a delight to talk about the incredibly talented Beware Wolves, this time we’re back with "Beware Wolves Volume Four". We all know the drill by now; there are 9 albums, each with 9 songs, each with a unique tune.

The album opens with the poignant song "Holding Out," which has an extremely smooth acoustic guitar and lyrics about clinging to the one you love. One of the finest acoustic guitar plays I've ever heard, in my opinion.

The vocals are the star of the show in the following song, "How We Roll," in contrast to the previous track. The central idea here is that he is a true country kid at heart. It has a really appealing melody that fits the song's theme.

The third song is "If Than I," a stunning song with even more gorgeous lyrics about hoping to be the reason someone stays. A love ballad, that is.

The fourth track, "In the Rain," is my particular favorite. This track stands out from the others totally and is maybe my favorite among the nine volumes. It's so straightforward but seems so rich that it made my heart skip a beat from the very first second. Even the lead singer sounds cheerful and appears to be grinning throughout the song. You can tell how he feels by the way he delivers his line.

The fifth song, "Inbound Ride," is a soothing, relatable ballad that feels quite comfy; the songwriting is unquestionably the highlight of this track.

The sixth tune, "July," has the ideal summertime mood and is given the ideal title. I almost yelled YeeHaw while listening since it has such a country and western vibe to it. The sweet, heartwarming love story "Just In Time" about a girl called Elizabeth is the lucky number seven.

The next track is "Just Might," which has lovely chords and is my second favorite on the album. His voice is very alluring in it, and it has such a romantic vibe to it. Overall, it's lush and teeming with life.

Finally, we get the wonderful song "Lay Down Low," which features superb vocal delivery and very vulnerable vocals. I've never heard someone deliver their words with such passion.

And now my favorite part of this project, discussing the symbols. We’ve arrived at the Waxing Gibbous phase of the moon, and the symbol indicates a Rhombus shape.

Do I need to repeat myself each time? If you don't go check out the fantastic stuff Beware Wolves is producing, you're really missing out on some excellent music and some quite original concepts. Like, look how cool the symbols are.

Visit the band's social media pages and follow them to learn more. Then go on Spotify to listen to this volume and the previous ones.

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